12 August

Physical exercise for the legs to treat diabetes

When diabetes is often observed poor circulation in the legs.Take a walk, diabetics experienced significant difficulties, have to stop every 300 - 400 meters.In diabetic patients this phenomenon is typical, and physicians as an adjunct treatment to stimulate the blood circulation is recommended to do special exercises for the legs.Only should warn readers that given further exercise can not be performed if you have already developed dry gangrene, or rest constantly observed pain in the calf muscles.Patients with diabetes need to make it a rule to dedicate 15 minutes daily exercise for the legs.

These physical exercises are done sitting on a chair each - 10 times.

• pursed his toes, then straighten.
• Lift the toes, heel off the floor do not interrupt.Make circular movements toes.
• alternately detach from the floor socks, the heel.
• Raise heels, lean on your toes.Make circular movements with his heels.
• Raise the leg parallel to the floor, pull the sock, bent knee, put her foot on the floor.Repeat

with the other leg.
• Raise the leg, pull the sock over (as an option: to make the foot circular motion).Lower the leg to the floor, leaning on the heel.Repeat with the other leg.
• Raise, straighten your knees and both legs.Flexion and extension of the foot in the ankle joint.
• fingers of both feet to crush a single page of the newspaper lying on the floor, then flatten it and break (feet) apart.Exercise is good and the people who have flat feet.

starting position of the exercise - standing with his hands on the back of a chair .

• Run rapids from toe to heel.
• lifted on his toes, slowly lower your heels on the floor.
• sole of his left foot rub lift and lower third of the tibia of the right leg.At the same sole as it seeks to embrace the shin.The same repeat with the other leg.

Exercise position lying on the floor.

• Lie on your back, legs raised up as much as you can straighten your knees.You can maintain the arms legs below the knees.To perform a circular motion feet at a speed of one revolution per two seconds.Perform approximately two minutes (if you get tired, then immediately stop).
• Sit deeply on a sofa or chair, to be in this position, his legs dangling, a few minutes.
• Repeat the exercise.
• A little walk around the room barefoot.

Do not neglect these physical exercises, as the load on leg muscles, they give very tangible.

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