12 August

Movement - is health !

Lack of physical activity is often referred to our price of progress.Forced to spend long days in the office, sitting in front of a computer screen, and we came home, often spending an evening out to lie on the couch watching television.And it was "thanks" to this way of life, we get into reliable companions two major problems: physical inactivity and hypokinesia.


Many of us believe that the lack of exercise - is the lack of movement.However, this is not entirely accurate: the decrease of physical activity the person is called hypokinesia.And it is already linked to physical inactivity - lack of functioning of the human muscular system.Hypokinesia and physical inactivity in the majority of cases are linked.

These two states - that we have "bundled" with the convenience, which provide us with a variety of mechanisms and tools.No need for constant physical work and movement leads to the fact that a person, especially forced to spend their day in the office walls, are developing a variety

of diseases.

By the way, the World Health Organisation includes physical inactivity among the three major risk factors for chronic diseases, which caused 60% of all deaths in the world.

direct threat

fact that lack of exercise is fraught with a variety of health problems, many of us have learned from their own experience: after several months of "sitting in the office" movements are constrained, the stairs to the subway to climb hard, changing even complexion.And, if you are prone to inactivity, you should know that it affects:

- cardiovascular system: due to the fact that the load on the heart muscle decreases, itself the heart is reduced in volume, heart rate increases, andthe force with which the heart pumps blood, in turn, decreases.Due to this, the supply of oxygen the body is deteriorating, and the heart, let's say, more quickly "wears out."The walls of the blood vessels lose their elasticity;

- respiratory system: due to prolonged immobility decreases the amplitude of respiratory movements and the ability to deep exhalation.In this regard, the light is always some amount of "spent" air that leads to insufficient supply of oxygen to tissues;

- metabolism: metabolic disorders related to the previous problem - deficiency of oxygen generates, including disorders of lipid metabolism.The blood is cholesterol, which is deposited on the walls of blood vessels;

- immunity: disorders of lipid metabolism may lead to the development of obesity, which affects, in particular, on the state of the immune system;

- musculoskeletal system: lack of exercise leads to a decrease in muscle mass and volume, they begin degenerative changes, reduced muscle tone, endurance, running out of glycogen - a substance that gives us energy.Reducing the load also affects bone condition - broken mineral and protein metabolism, which may lead to osteoporosis.

there a way out?

Certainly, the majority of office workers in one degree or another are faced with these problems.However, many of us either do not pay attention to them, or postpone the solution to the problems of habit "for later".Despite the fact that the decision itself is not too difficult - you need to increase the activity, find a way to move more during the day, and not just take the path from the entrance to the car.

is no coincidence that in all developed countries, where the majority of the population is employed is "sedentary" work, people are more concerned about a healthy lifestyle.It found that active people are usually lower total cholesterol and also trained people have lower blood pressure, they have less risk of developing hypertension and varicose veins.

way, if most of the day do you spend sitting on a chair (and even moving from one floor to the office by elevator), then at first you can use any kind of physical activity, whether it is walking or cycling, swimming in a pool, an exerciseWhat you can do yourself at home, etc.However, if you really want to put himself "in shape", for example, to lose weight, if sedentary work impact on your figure, you can not do without training.

training on the rules

best training options for you, of course, must be determined by the expert.However, there are general guidelines that you can consider yourself.

In particular, many go to classes in the gym, because they want to not only improve health, but also to correct certain deficiencies figures.In this case it is possible to combine a reasonable diet, cardio and power loads, paying more attention to it cardio.

As the name implies, these types of exercises improve heart function and blood vessels.This so-called "endurance exercise", which include:
- running;
- cycling;
- elliptical trainer that simulates running, walking uphill, running up the hill;
- step aerobics;
- rowing;
- walking;
- badminton, racquetball, handball;
- boxing.

If your main goal is weight loss, it is necessary to remember that the body fat burning begins approximately 20-25 minutes after the workout.Total training time in the average recommended gradually increase to 45 minutes.Is the need to regularly, 5-6 times a week, changing exercises.Before training, it is desirable not to eat for about 2 hours, it is recommended to wait for another hour after the workout.During exercise it is better not to drink or drink very small portions.

As with any physical activity, while cardio is necessary to monitor their condition.This can be done, for example, heart rate, for which it is necessary to know the maximum allowable value.For a long time this was used a simple formula: 220 minus your age.However, experts corrected her recently as follows:
- for women = 209 minus your age, multiplied by 0.7;
- Men = 214 minus your age, multiplied by 0.8.

Knowing the maximum heart rate, you get an effective instrument of control over their condition.For example, if you recently do not exercise, then in a few weeks choose a training mode that your heart rate does not exceed 50-60% of the maximum ( "cardiovascular training zone system").Thus, you "wake up" your body and prepare it for a more serious stress.

next step - "light workout zone (fitness zone)."Your heart rate should not exceed 70% of the maximum value.This so-called fat-burning mode, when there is an active weight loss.The excess of the load level - this is a sport, not simply improvement.

Ā«aerobic zone" - the pulse is increased to 80% of the maximum.Those who train in such an active mode, increases the strength of the heart, lung capacity, heart rate at rest decreases.This area is not intended simply to burn fat (by the way, about half of the calories consumed from carbohydrates), it is a serious training and increase endurance.

Ā«Anaerobic zone" - that's about 90% of maximum heart rate.Such training is completely aimed at improving efficiency, and about 80% of calories burned accounted for carbohydrates.

There is a fifth area in which only athletes train and only under constant supervision.

And finally topic - a few exercises that can be performed "on the fly" - their coaches and doctors recommend a fitness and wellness centers MEDSI.It does not require special equipment and the simulator - only your willingness to improve your health:

back muscles and biceps

Standing in transport, hold one hand on the top rail and with force, pull the arm down.The movement must be such as if you want to catch up.For a few seconds, keep the tension.

leg muscles and press

Sitting on a chair, tighten your abdominal muscles, reduce leg and lift them off the floor.The knees at the same time should be bent.Hold this position.

muscles of the abdomen, hips, large pectoral muscles and triceps

Put your hands on the seat of the chair, lean on them, lifting the foot off the floor and try to get up.Hold this position.

way, to maintain the health need to take a day only 3-4 kilometers.Is that a lot?It is about a 40-minute walk briskly!

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