12 August

Massage from back pain at home

If you have a backache from the hard work or you chill it, do not rush to take pills.There is a massage that you can make some of your relatives.It is not difficult.

To start, prepare massage oil.It can be anything: grape seed oil, almond, sunflower, soybean or peanut.In conventional oils can also add a few drops of essential oils have healing effects.There are many aromatic compositions for the treatment of back pain, such as:

• Warming composition - camphor, citronella oil, eucalyptus, marjoram, oregano, pine essence or turpentine.

• Oil, softening and stimulating blood circulation - oil of nutmeg, juniper, petigrenevoe oil, rosemary.

• muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory oils - lavender, thyme, clary.

All components mix in equal proportions, and then add the oil-base.Before the massage oil should be heated.

1. Take a little oil on the palm and start a massage with stroking the back - it will help to relax the back muscles.Massage is easy, that it does not cause pain for 1-3 minutes.

2. Rub the muscles of the back, do it the pad of the thumb phalanges or pads of four fingers bent, or base of the palm.When crushed or move back and forth from the waist up and down the spine, or circular movements of the spine.Rubbing perform no more than 3 minutes.

3. knead techniques improve blood flow to the muscles and reduce pain.Stand on one side of the patient and massage his opposite side.One palm press on the body, the second is easy to stroking.Move along side by side, then massage the shoulder and neck.When passing on the back areas that are in front of the kidneys, lungs and heart, reduce the pressure.

4. Complete the massage strokes.

Yet, in addition to massage, try to protect themselves from severe physical overload, perform household work related to bend of the trunk forward (washing clothes, sweeping and washing floors).When you use the vacuum cleaner tube is better to build up with the expectation that the body does not bend forward and the spine is not overloaded.Also unacceptable activities related to the same type of intense movements, such as chopping wood, garden work, as the load vertebrae, ligaments and muscles increases sharply.

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