12 August

Massage against colds and flu (this is useful to know )

Do not often take medication, especially to children, especially since there are many other, safer ways to beat colds.For example, different types of massage: massage by the common cold, cough, heats the massage.

massage from a cold

This massage should not be performed at a high temperature, as well as in areas of irritated skin cold.

Do it gentle massage index finger or thumb for one minute.Influence the point should be balanced at the same time the fingers of both hands.

1. Massage the point located at the wings of the nose and just above the nostrils.
2. Then massage the point, which is above the bridge - between the eyebrows, as well as a point close to the tragus ear.
3. To facilitate the well-being with a cold can also affect the point located between the thumb and forefinger on the outer side of the hand, on the inside of the wrists, behind the knees, at the outer corners of the eyes, on the line of the transition from the head to the neck.

cope with a cough will help special antitussive massage , which takes about 10 minutes.It should be performed 5 days in a row, but not at an elevated temperature.Before the procedure, you need to give the patient drink a herbal expectorant syrup broth or vegetable - such as licorice root.
Massage should be done with an average power of - not too soft, but not too rough.

Massage cough

1. Put the patient on the stomach, back, lubricate the skin cream.Massage in turn the two halves back, capturing the area from the sides.
2. Perform tingling and clapping, moving down the back and forth.
3. Thoroughly rub the back of his palm, from the waist to shoulder and back, until the redness.
4. Then the fingers of both hands to be done horizontal tucks, as patties.
5. Next, pat on the back fingertips.
6. Quickly will beat on the back side of his hand.
7. Now will beat the ribs fists.Then place your hand on the patient's back and ask him to clear his throat.
8. Then turn him on his back and rub his chest with his hand to a pinkish color.
9. Gently, with light circular movements of two fingers rub the hollow, located under the Adam's apple.Again, ask the patient to cough.

After the massage, put the patient to bed and cover with a warm blanket.

But the third way can only be used if you are not allergic to honey.

In order to do warm honey massage.But remember that you need to do it carefully, as if sticking to the hands honey massage therapist, the patient may experience pain.When complaints of pain should reduce the pressure.Also remember that you can not perform the procedure during the warming up of high temperature.

bask honey

For this massage, you will need a small amount of natural honey, because it contains only a unique natural substance, which is not present in other products - special natural antibiotic.This antibiotic acts obezzarazhivayusche honey has antibacterial properties and destroys the infection without harming the body.These properties of honey is especially good for the body during massage, as the honey through the skin gives our body all of its nutrients.But all harmful substances, toxins, he removes from our body, simply absorbing them into itself, taking away from our skin.Besides honey massage leads to a dramatic improvement of blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin and muscles, thereby improving the power is not only the skin but also the internal organs and tissues.After this massage comes a powerful and lasting effect of warming that cold immediately retreats.

Warming honey massage is performed very simply:

• Apply a small amount of honey hand, rub on the palms to smooth honey covered them evenly and slightly warmed.
• Apply hands to the back of the patient and then as it pulls them to himself.Continue to do so for 8-10 minutes.Hands will soon be glued and formed a viscous mixture of dirty color between them and their backs: this is the harmful toxins, in other words - sickness leaves.
• dampen or amplify the pressure, despite the feelings of the patient.
• After the procedure, you must wash massazhiruemy area of ​​the body and hide the patient with a warm blanket.

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