12 August

Yoga is for everyone: the retraction of the abdomen

not think that yoga can engage only those who have some abilities.A lot of the most ordinary people around the world every day using exercise Indian yogis to improve health and achieve spiritual harmony.There is one common exercise that improves the functioning of all organs of the abdomen and pelvis, eliminates stagnation, clears the body.It - Belly retracted.How to do it properly and with the best result, we are today and rasskazhem.1.Stand with feet apart at shoulder width.Bend down, with his hands on hips at the knees, fingers inside.The back should remain straight, the torso is bent in the pelvic region, not at the waist.The legs can be slightly bent at the knees to posture was comfortable and stable.

2. Exhale through your mouth, helping himself with a slight inclination of the body, and immediately to lift the original position while pulling the stomach.Try to tighten it as much as possible inwards and upwards.Chin thus falls on the chest.If the chin is not lowered, with a strong retraction of t

he stomach cough begins.

Z. Until last breath holding after exhalation, quickly release the stomach, relax the muscles.It will fall by itself.
Immediately again gather in the stomach inside.Continue as long as do not want to breathe.At first, many people manage to do a few of the retraction of the abdomen at a time.But over time, come to the speed and the ability to stay longer without air.

easily perform yoga movements for 5 sec and make up to 150-200 retracting on each breath-hold.It's too high, but the amount of retraction should be increased each time.

4. Slowly inhale, straighten up and do 2-3 deep breaths.Repeat 3 to 10 times.But in any case, do not do it all by force!Your incremental successes will give the best end result.In this case it is better not to rush and do everything right.

retraction of the abdomen can successfully perform and owners of a solid abdomen.Even if the part of the stomach will seem almost fixed, reducing the internal muscle still provide the proper exposure.

Exercise improves the condition of the digestive organs, enhances waste removal, soothes the psyche.It is an active blood circulation in the abdomen and pelvis, which helps with gastritis, colitis, women's diseases, hemorrhoids, prostate, liver, kidney, gall bladder and pancreas.

regularly paying this occupation for 3-5 minutes, you will constantly maintain a high tone of the internal organs, to compensate for flaws in the diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

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