12 August

Physical activity in the prevention and treatment

Let phrase - "the movement - that's life," many think banal, so she has not lost its relevance.On the necessity of physical activity all know, but often there are questions, what kind of exercise would be the most optimal in your specific case.

Some frequently asked questions are answered Clinic neurologist Tatiana Tarasova MEDSI Vyacheslavovna.

Can cycling help from headaches?In which case, is it possible?

Yes, it can.The main type of headache, with which we are dealing - this tension headache, which is caused by increased muscle tone, head and neck, and is usually seen in people exposed to constant stress.For example, in our clinic, we often encounter such cases among business people.And if the headache is such, that is, not associated with disorders of the central nervous system, then riding a bike can be a good way to feel better.

Firstly, cycling helps to relieve stress, like any physical activity.Secondly, you are in nature, and it usually creates a good emotional background.Third, cycling

gives you adequate aerobic exercise (ie runs at a frequency of the pulse of 140-160 beats per minute), and the load on the cardiovascular system, which helps to improve blood flow and oxygen saturation of the body.All this improves headache.

Can walking help in arthritis pain?Why and how?

If we talk about the so-called therapeutic walking, you can certainly.Therapeutic walking must meet the following basic requirements: be a regular, be systematic and to give the body the dosage load, plus control over such a load should carry a doctor.

Arthritis walking improves lymph and blood circulation, which promotes regression of inflammation of the joints.In addition, regular load prevents atrophy and deformation of the muscles and ligaments, improves the functional state.

important to emphasize several points.Firstly, any exercise with arthritis should start only when docked acute process.Secondly, walking should be smooth, lightweight, comfortable shoes, the load should be distributed evenly.It is useful to walk barefoot.

increasing the load, do not overdo it.It will be enough to add 1-2 minutes per day.If you have to climb the stairs, first make a step with your good leg, and then puts her sick.

Why do exercises in water to help with the back pain?What's the special use of water?

To begin with I would say that about 80% of the population experience back pain.In this case, swimming and water aerobics are excellent means of prevention and treatment.First of all, it is these kinds of physical activity provide a minimum load on the osteo-articular apparatus, "unload" it.In addition, swimming eliminates static load - in the water all the time you move.And, perhaps, the main feature is navigation - the absence of gravity.The so-called gidronevesomost relieves the intervertebral discs, improves blood circulation, body weight becomes smaller, which significantly facilitates the movement.This increases the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles.All this helps to get rid of back pain.

What muscles allow you to develop training in the water to get rid of this pain?

Vessels active in the following muscle groups:
shoulder girdle muscles (triceps, trapezius, and others);
abdominal muscles;
back muscles.

to further improve the functional state of these muscles is to "save" you in case of a static load, the waist will be hurt much less.In addition, due to swimming exercise leg muscles, increasing their endurance, which is also important in the case of loads.Separately to emphasize that for back pain is shown swimming the crawl and back.

Water does not easily move, whether there advantages?

Indeed, movements in water require us to greater efforts.The density of water at 775 times the density of air, and that is what makes it difficult movements, limit the speed of movement, but at the same time your body spends more energy.The water increases metabolism, primarily for storing heat balance out weight.

In addition, water resistance - a great "trainer" for the coordination of movements, because while swimming in the works include different muscle groups.Also, the water pressure load on the respiratory muscles, coaching her.And finally, when sailing there is a massage of the skin, which, of course, is also very useful.

Water removes the burden from the joints.How important is it for diseases of joints and spine?

load on the joints in the water is minimal, thereby increasing their flexibility.Including the joints of the spine during the voyage unloaded, and also coordinated the thoracic and lumbar spine.All this contributes to improve posture.But, as with any other loads, swimming, especially at first, it is necessary to dose, to avoid overload.To begin with it is necessary to load 10 minutes.

Helps swimming from insomnia?How and where is best to swim?

Swimming - this is a very good remedy for insomnia, especially for people of mental labor, who have sleep disorders are caused by stress, the inability to escape from problems.Swimming "equalizes" the processes of excitation and inhibition of the nervous system, which increases the deep sleep phase.

for normalization of sleep is recommended to swim in the evening, it is possible to open water, lasting up to 40 minutes.It is better if you swim in the cool water, and then you can take a warm shower.

Can we say that walking is useful for depression?

When any physical activity the body produces endorphins, which are also called "hormone of happiness."Indeed, the production of endorphins positively affects the emotional background, it helps get rid of depressed mood.That is what relieves depression while walking.

In addition, we usually go is still not in the gym and on the street, in the park, in the woods.When a person is in the sun, in his body it produces serotonin, which also increases the emotional background.

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