12 August

How to get rid of constipation .Exercise and massage for constipation

If constipation is not recommended to use laxatives constantly.Allowed only one-time techniques in extreme cases, since there is addictive and digestive organs in general no longer work independently.In such cases it is very difficult to get rid of constipation.With constipation, you can take advantage of oriental massage, acting on the acupressure points, and in addition, to perform some special exercises.

So, immediately after waking up, and a few times during the day do the following:

1. more hands alternately massage the fingers until the minor pain area between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

2. Then thumbs alternately massage the back surface of the little fingers, to their complete relaxation.

3. The pads of the thumbs of both hands simultaneously massage the points located at four centimeters to the right and to the left of the fourth lumbar vertebra (the fourth vertebra, count downward from the place at the back, where the end edge).

4. It works well for constipation special exerci

se for little fingers.Put your hands at chest level, and, clasping his little fingers one by one, pull your hands in different directions, not disengaging with the little fingers.

5. Sit on your knees, inhale and exhale, while dramatically pull in the stomach.First Repeat this exercise 15-20 times, then gradually adding, reach 60.

6. If physical health allows, you can try this exercise: from a prone position on his back legs to throw his head 25-35 times.

7. Also, constipation is useful to perform the well-known exercise "bicycle".

8. The three fingers of his right hand (index, middle and ring) for three minutes massage in a circular motion clockwise point, which is at the center of the diagonal from the navel to the left groin.

In cases of prolonged constipation, you can find there a small bump - a point is the sigmoid colon, which is usually the case "traffic jam."

9. After this set of exercises in the abdomen, most likely, there will purr and you feel the urge.Before you go to the bathroom, drink a glass of slightly salted water.

Regular performance of these procedures produces reflex and establishes regular bowel movements every morning.

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