12 August

Cycling and women's health

Cchitaetsya that cycling is more suited to women than men: the female pelvis is wider male, female long legs and weak torso.In addition, women are more emotional, and cycling have an invaluable impact on the general emotional state.Cycling strengthens the nervous system - problems and intrusive thoughts recede, people distracted from everyday worries, improves mood and overall samochuvstvie.A addition, while riding a bike to burn more fat.Suffice it to 45 minutes a day of cycling workouts to keep a beautiful and fit figure.

during cycling exercise and strengthens the heart and blood vessels, muscles of the legs.It improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs.Trains overall endurance, the vestibular apparatus, coordination.

Biking improve the overall emotional state.The number of inhaled air (lungs are working at 100).Looking into the distance - the prevention of visual impairment.

Remember how hungry after a bike ride?The emergence of appetite - a sign of an active metabolism.

If you are not too good ride on the bike to start lower the saddle and learn to maintain balance.Then return the seat to its original position.On the first day to drive 800 m is sufficient. To double the distance better by the end of the first week.A month later, you can already pass 6-7 km.you can take a walk on a long distance (10 km) After a few months.

need to be engaged on a daily basis.However, it is not necessary to force yourself excessively heavy loads.In this case, instead of fatty compounds the body will burn carbohydrates.

Before setting off on a bike ride, eat some food, containing a small amount of glucose (eg a plate of spaghetti with cheese).This contributes to maintaining muscle protein compounds.

also need to take with water.Drink necessarily, even if you do not like, little by little every 10-15 minutes.Liquid is essential for the knees.They feel the brunt while cycling.And any sudden increases in load.

Do not forget about safety precautions.Falling off a bicycle may result in injury.Be extremely careful and attentive on the streets with heavy traffic.Regularly check the condition of the bike: well if it works the brake if the tire if the nuts and bolts podkrucheny inflated, if the chain slack.From a technical serviceability of a bicycle depends on your safety.

bicycle frame must be your size, seat - at the correct height: in the remote position pedal you should just reach for her heel.

Biking useful for smokers - because of deep breathing is cleansing the lungs of nicotine and tar.

Increase the body's ability to fight infections.Statistics show that those who regularly spends his free time riding a bike: 70% less sick influenza and colds.

According to some reports, cycling helps cure from diseases associated with defects of speech, stuttering.

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