25 August

The complex of special exercises with osteochondrosis ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

General recommendations : • Exercises are performed smoothly, without jerks

• strive for the greatest possible range of motion in order to sufficiently stretch the soft tissue surrounding the spine and limiting his mobility

• movements should be performed in all directions(forward, backward, sideways, axially).This ensures involvement of all soft tissue.

Lying on his back.

1. Hands at your sides, palms up.Slowly bend the knees while inhaling joints (feet from the floor, tear) and raise the forearm (elbow with the rest on the floor).On the exhale, slowly straighten your legs and lower arms.Take the starting position.Relax and turn your head slowly to the right first, and then - to the left.

2. Hands at your sides, fee

t together.Throw your hands behind your head, stretching them to the full length

toes forward on, raise your feet perpendicular to the body.Pull yourself apart Traction for 3-6 seconds

relax and return to starting position.Repeat 4-10 times since.

3. Hands at your sides, feet together.Bend your right leg at the knee and point to the left shoulder

return to starting position.The same thing - with the other leg.

4. Feet shoulder width apart.On the inhale to turn his head to the right and foot - to the left, then on the contrary: the foot - right and head - the left.

5. heel of the left foot to put the right sock.On the inhale, turn your head to the right and stops at the same time - to the left.On the exhale - head to the left and right foot.The same, putting the heel of the right foot on the toes of the left.

When osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is the best treatment for sleep on their backs on a firm pillow-roll and a firm bed.When osteochondrosis of the thoracic and lumbar better to sleep on his stomach on a hard, flat bed.

In the acute phase of the disease the first 2-3 days to avoid local heatings, water treatments, even hot tubs.In order to relieve severe pain, physiotherapy should appoint an expert.In the period of acute pain in the sore spots are best apply honey cakes, which are rich in potassium.These scones nice warm up all night.

not allowing amplification of pain, do vibration exercises lying on the floor, the number of repetitions from 4-10 times depending on the state of health.

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