25 August

Exercise for the kidney (physical exercises and physiotherapy )

offer you a simple set of physical exercises, consisting of only three exercises regularly doing that, you will gradually normalize kidneys and forget about the swelling.The therapeutic effect of exercise is primarily aimed at improving the regulation of metabolism - circulation in the abdomen and urinary tract function, as well as the overall strengthening of the body. first exercise .
Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel to each other, back straight.
Along with slow breath raise your hands to the sides at shoulder level, palms down, fingers together.At the same time with a slow exhalation through the nose, without bending your knees and keeping the position of the hands in relation to the body smoothly and slowly bend to the left until the right hand does not take a vertical position, and the exhalation ends.In the pause after exhalation, turn the head to the right up and look at the palm of his right hand raised.Stay in this position during the pause after exhalation, relax the

body.Then, at the same time with calm shallow breaths through the nose slowly return the body to its original position and while exhaling lower your arms.
Repeat the exercise with a slope to the right.

second exercise .
Starting position: Stand with your feet flat.Ankles should be solid, tight calves, knees straight, solid thighs, buttocks hard (especially important), back straight.Take
basic position, inhale slowly and hold your breath for a count of ten.Now put your hands on the kidneys (in the back below the rib cage) and, holding his breath, push hands on each kidney, caving at the same time back as possible.

third exercise .
Starting position: the same as in the second exercise.
Take the starting position, inhale slowly and hold your breath for a count of ten.Now, instead of the pressure on the kidneys vigorously spank them.Wet your hands with cold water, to provide a good stimulation and circulation of the kidneys.

decongestants massage.
When edema is very useful massage, particularly using the technique of soft drainage of the lymphatic system.When you iron the self-massage the affected area with light repetitive movements directed towards the heart.If, for example, you have swelling in the legs, hips iron the first from the bottom up, and only then proceed to the calves, so that fluid flow was a lot of ankles.Try, where possible, raise your feet up, enclosing under them something soft, like a pillow to gravity assisted fluid to move back to the heart.

offer you a simple method of self-massage swelling feet.
to improve blood circulation in the legs lubricate the legs with oil.Put your hands on your hip and iron several times in the direction of the buttocks - light, but smooth and quick movements with his hands one over the other.

- Move your hands down to the calf, and iron leg several times from the ankle to the back of the knee.
repeat both actions.

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