25 August

Allergy.Acupressure for allergies

Do not look away from the lush greenery of July.And it is difficult to believe that this is the great time brings suffering to people prone to allergies ...

disease is seasonal: allergic rhinitis (runny nose), conjunctivitis, bronchitis appear usually during flowering, hay fever - during haymaking.

be prevented aggravation of allergic reaction is possible?There is no single recipe, but business success largely depends on how you prefer to timely prevention.

Practically on the prevention of allergic reactions need to take care with the infant, giving first attention to the correct feeding of the baby.Tips pediatricians should be carried out completely.But if the child is still showing signs of allergic reactions, not self-medicate!Remember that the willful use of medications, herbal infusions can lead to serious complications.

If you were able to identify substances that cause such reactions, it is necessary to fix them: if you are sensitive to house dust - daily wet cleaning of premises, with polle

n allergy - to bring the patient out of the flowering zone and herbs, with food allergy - to exclude from theproducts menu, its cause, etc.

significantly increase the body's resistance to external factors, water treatments, especially swimming in open bodies of water flow.

But if, despite all the precautionary measures, allergy aggravated, suggested to resort to acupressure.Its effectiveness in this disease has long been known, even in the old guidelines specify specific points on which it was necessary to act in the treatment of allergies.Nowadays, the practice proved particularly effective acupressure with hay fever - hay fever.

If you are exposed to pollen allergy, start a massage or self-massage of reflex zones before plants bloom for 7-10 days before the onset of pollen on them.During this period, do massage areas twice a day: morning and evening, before bedtime.Morning - 3 minutes - carried out by exciting the system with a view to enhancing the biological control organism.Evening, and a three-minute - soothing.

When the first symptoms of allergy sensitivity of reflex zones is increased pressure on them may in some cases be accompanied by pain.During this period do acupressure every 30-40 minutes until until no discomfort at the points subjected to massage.So
repeat 3-4 days.

acupressure with hay fever subjected zones located:

• The face-area 11, located on the midline of the face between the inner ends of the eyebrows: Area 12, located at the upper corner of the nasolabial folds next to the wing nose

zone16 - in the recess before the tragus of the ear

zone 5 - on the one transverse finger over the middle of the eyebrows through the pupil

zone 4 in the neck, in the center of the occipital cavity

• on hands-area 12, located between I andII metacarpal bone of the index finger and thumb

• at the ear - zone 1 on the ear lobe: area 11 on the upper wall of the external auditory canal (see Figure.).

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