12 August

Charging the Pharaohs ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

We offer you to get acquainted with the unusual set of exercises - it came to us from ancient times, and, perhaps, be called the world's first charge.It was developed and carried out steadily Ancient Egyptian physician and priest Hermes Trismegistus over two millennia ago.When scientists first discovered papyri of Hermes, they were amazed at the physiological validity and high efficiency uprazhneniy.K Unfortunately, there is still not all.We shall come down to us of the Hermes system which includes, in addition to physical exercise, breathing exercises, special diet, subject to the special regime of work and rest.In carrying out these recommendations on a regular basis, you will become vigorous, strong, hardy, you will increase immunity to infections and colds, strengthen the nervous system, respiratory system and blood circulation, improve sleep, normal body weight.

Unfortunately, Hermes exercises are recommended not for everyone.The optimum age of their performance - from 23 to 70 years.In his youth

and old age, stress and sharp breath can cause overloading of the body.It is undesirable to deal with such a charge in the presence of high blood pressure, severe heart disease, lung and others. However, the approach is strictly individual.Determine the need for the charging of a person can only.

Hermes Gymnastics includes four stages .

first stage - workout as jogging in place for at least 5 minutes.It is necessary to bring the body of sleep, to wake him up, warm up the muscles and prepare the body to perform basic exercises.Jogging is best done naked to the waist, or in the light sportswear, barefoot.It is advisable to put under the legs a massage mat with spikes.Each month, the duration of jogging should be increased to 5 minutes, in order to bring up to 20 minutes.

second stage - strength exercises Hermes charging.They are built on a rhythmic alternation of maximum stress and deep relaxation of the body muscles.The transition from the voltage state to the relaxation and back should be done as quickly as possible, almost instantaneously.At the same time is a sharp, short, shallow breaths so that the stream of air swipe at the nasopharynx, but easily overlooked the smallest possible amount of air.Performing movements should match the rhythm of breathing.At the time of transition in the state of relaxation produced a short breath and energetic throughout the breast through the wide-open mouth.In the period of relaxation breathing freely.

duration of periods of tension and relaxation excluding instantaneous transitions from one state to another is about 4 seconds each.Only after a year of employment this time can be increased to 6 seconds.An even greater increase can lead to negative results.Exercise is desirable to do the most naked to breathe all the skin.During charging, you must close your eyes, to disconnect from the environment and fully concentrate on your breathing and movements.

Hermes Strength training is one of the most powerful tools designed to increase the excitability of the central nervous system.This is facilitated by the fact that the movement is made with a large amplitude in combination with a breath to breath and significant isometric tension of individual muscle groups.This results in an increase in cerebral and peripheral blood flow, which promotes intensive rotations, torso, arm movements, alternating tension and relaxation of individual muscle groups, changing the posture with the redistribution of body mass to other muscle groups, holding your breath.

Exercise is equally useful for women and men.

first exercise "cross".
1. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, arms down along the body, the muscles are relaxed, free breathing.
2. Make a sharp, short breath.At the same time the fingers clenched into fists, outstretched arms spread out to the sides at shoulder and withdraw behind the level, tilt the head back, bend the body as much as possible back to the extreme strain every muscle.In this position, hold your breath for a breath for 4 seconds.
3. Make a sharp exhale through your mouth the whole breast, at the same time throw bend the torso forward so that the outstretched arms nearly reach the floor.Then swing your hands crosswise to relieve tension and return to the starting position.Fully relax in the 4.Breathing free.Repeat the exercise 4 times.

second exercise "chopping firewood»
1. Put feet shoulder-width apart, knees to keep straight.Tilt body forward, arms dangling almost to the floor, and relax the muscles.Breathing free.
2. Immediately close his fingers into the lock, make a sharp and short breath, at the same time straighten your back, raise your hands up and over his head, as in the swing of the ax, the maximum bend the body backwards, tilt the head back.Strain every muscle to the limit

hold your breath for a breath for 4 seconds.
3. Make a sharp exhale through the mouth and the rapid turn through the left side to return to the starting position.Tilt body forward, disengage the hand and lower down.Completely relax for 4 seconds.Breathing free.Repeat the exercise 4 times: 2 breaths - through the right side, 2 - through the left.

third exercise "discus» .
1. Stand up straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, lower your hands along the body, relax the muscles.Breathing free.
2. Make a short sharp breath at the same time squeeze the fingers into fists, throw his right hand and pull back left, expanding the body in the direction of an imaginary cast, turning his eyes the direction of travel.Take a pose discus thrower, at the time of the frozen cast disc.Strain every muscle to the limit, try not to take your feet off the floor.Hold position adopted during the inspiratory delay for 4 seconds.
3. Make a sharp exhale through the mouth, and return to the starting position.Completely relax for 4 seconds.Breathing free.Repeat the exercise 4 times: 2 times - throw a right hand, 2 times - throw with his left hand.

third stage - exercises uniform distribution of tone in the muscles of the whole body.Essentially, it is the same exercises as the second stage, but they are carried out smoothly, without stress, to "defuse" tense muscles before and "charge" the muscle, did not participate in movements.Breath deep, rhythmic.Exercising must exactly match the rhythm of breathing.

first exercise .
1. Stand up straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, extend your arms straight out in front of him, palms together.
2. Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, while diluted hands to the sides at shoulder level.Hold your breath for 4 seconds, take your hands behind your back.
3. Exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds and both gently return your hands to the starting position.Repeat the exercise 4 times.

second exercise .
1. feet slightly apart, bending the body forward, fingers touch your toes.Knees to keep straight.
2. Inhale for 4 seconds, at the same time straighten the body, stretch your arms forward at chest level.Hold your breath for 4 seconds, at the same time raise your arms above your head and bend back.
3. Exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds and slowly return to the starting position.Repeat the exercise 4 times.

third exercise .
1. Stand straight, open your legs a foot, dissolve hands in hand at shoulder height.
2. Inhale for 4 seconds and then hold your breath for 4 seconds.During this time, most turn to the right body with arms outstretched so you can see the wall behind him.Feet on the floor do not interrupt.
3. Exhale for 4 to smoothly return to its original position.Repeat the exercise 4 times: 2 times - to the right side, 2 times - to the left.

fourth exercise .
1. Lie on your back, placing his head under the palms brought together.
2. Inhale for 4 seconds, at the same time raise your legs perpendicular to the floor.Hold your breath for 4 seconds and it is time for the two legs of the rotational movement.right side.
3. Exhale for 4 seconds while smoothly return leg in the starting position.Repeat the exercise 4 times: 2 times - with the rotation of the legs to the right side, 2 times - from the rotation to the left.

fourth stage - stabilization of body tone.The goal is achieved by the adoption of alternating hot and cold shower lasting for 2 minutes each.Contrast soul should gradually increase, after the third month peak - to remain constant.The total duration of the procedure is doubled.To begin with it should always be a cold shower and a hot finish.Thus gymnastics Hermes completes a powerful increase in the excitability of the nervous system with a long-lasting feeling of freshness and vitality throughout the body.In the first three months of the duration of cold and hot showers - 2 minutes on the fourth month - 3, and then - 4 min.

Gymnastics Hermes can be done twice a day: in the morning after sleeping a night charging and to recuperate after a tiring work, but no later than 1.5 hours before bedtime.In the latter case it is done without a warm-up, and a contrast shower duration is halved.

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