12 August

Physiotherapy with pleurisy ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

Basic gymnastics complex consists of 3 exercises - "palm", "epaulettes", "pump".In fact - this is the initial exercise of respiratory exercises Strelnikova.They are establishing nasal breathing and simultaneously activate the immune system.To feel the effect, you need at least a month of daily activities "palms", "epaulettes" and "pump".You can then add other uprazhneniya.Vot these exercises.

«Ladoshki» : stand up straight, put forth his hands, elbows drop, but his hands away from the body does not dismiss.Make a short active noisy breath nose and simultaneously squeeze hands into fists.Immediately after the active inhalation - exhalation, it goes easily and freely through the nose or mouth.At this time, to unclench their fists, relax your hands.After 4 short breaths - sniffing (and, correspondingly, 4 passive exhalation) can relax for 3-5 seconds.In total, you need to perform 24 times in 4 short noisy breaths.

«epaulettes» : stand up straight, hands clenched into fists hands pressed to his belt.At

the time of the short noisy breaths nose with the force to push the fists to the floor, as if throwing something with it.In time unclenched fists thrust.The shoulders at the time of inhalation tense, fingers spread wide.On the exhale, return to the starting position: hands back on his belt, fingers clenched into a fist - exhale left.

«pump» : stand up straight, arms down.Slightly bend down to the floor: the back is rounded, face looking down at the floor, not to pull the neck and not to strain.At the end point of a shallow inclination - short noisy breath.For exhalation straighten completely not necessarily.Hands in time-sink bow tilt only to the knees, not less.Perform "epaulettes" and "pump" should be 12 times for 8, then 16 for 6 times and then with 3 times 32 breaths movement.

Note main rule : in any case it is impossible to delay or, conversely, to push the air.Inhale - very active, breathe out - absolutely passive.Think only need to inhale, exhale, if you think about - you can immediately keep to the rhythm of breathing.

the inspiration "sniffing" is done with closed lips.Specially compress lips at the moment can not breath.They are closed as if by themselves, freely and naturally.Shoulders in the act of breathing is not involved.And if at the moment of inspiration they are still rising, perform exercises in front of a mirror, trying ever since to keep the shoulders in a calm state.

If you do the exercises correctly and regularly, the result will not take long.

So, Exercise and stay healthy!

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