12 August

Massage the neck ( women's health )

Aching back, neck, head?And do not immediately invent terrible diagnoses and swallow handfuls of painkillers.For starters try the massage shei.Pered beginning of massage should be good to stretch my muscles out of focus, as well as warming up more vigorous movements of his head to the side, forward - backward, rotational in opposite directions.

1. Place the chin on hand, tilt the head downwards, overcoming resistance of a palm.This is a good exercise trains the muscles of the front of the neck.With interruptions do 4-6 sets of 20-30 repetitions.

2. Grasping connected neck tassels hand, try to tilt the head forward his arms, back of the neck muscles holding the head in its original position.4-6 sets of 20-30 repetitions.

3. Lie back on the bench so that the head was suspended.Partner gently presses on your forehead, trying to lower his head down, and you resist this movement, causing muscles to work the front of the neck.The number of sets and reps the same.

4. If you are lying on a bench in the abdo

men, a partner gently presses on your head, and you try to keep your head in the initial position.The number of sets and reps the same.

5. Tilt the head to the right, resisting with your right hand by pressing the palm of the right ear area.Then also the left.4-5 sets of 20-30 repetitions.

neck muscles are massaged in a sitting or standing position.Begin to massage the rear portion thereof.
Apply the following techniques.

Stroking one or both hands.Tightly clasped his hands moving on top of the hair down to his back and shoulder joints.

Squeezing .Running side of his hand - on the side of the neck, massaging the hand of the same name mound

thumb - on heteronymic side.

Kneading .It held the pads of four fingers of the same hand by prydavlivaniya muscles to the bone bed and simultaneous displacement in the direction of the little finger.Begin

mash from the occipital downwardly to paddles 4-5 on one side and the other 4-5.Then do 3-4 strokes and repeat the kneading.Then proceed to stroking shoulder girdle (trapezius muscle) from the ear toward the shoulder joint, 3-4.After that, do 3-4 times squeezing and kneading.Kneading is conducted schiptsevidnoe.Seizing the arm pads of the fingers, make kneading with a shift in the direction of the little finger.

Rubbing .Make a circular motion with four fingers from one ear to the other along the line of the occipital bone, ie,in places of attachment of neck muscles

the same can be done with two hands, shifting them towards each other.Grinding is carried out and along the cervical vertebrae from the hairline to the back.

pat ends relaxed fingers on the head, neck and shoulder girdle.This technique of massage is widely used in Japan for relieving headaches.

Rounding self-massage the back of the neck stroking.Then move to self-massage the front of the neck.Stroking is performed alternately hands, from the jaw down to his chest.Arm movements must be gentle to the skin is not stretched and shifted beneath them.

Finish workout rotational movements of the head, it is possible from a prone position.

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