12 August

INSPIRATION -VYDOH ... the secret harmony !

One of the main reasons for the loss slim figure is a violation of the digestive system function (liver, stomach, spleen, pancreas, intestine) when taking the food is not completely consumed in the course of work, most of it "accumulates" in the subcutaneous fat andgradually leads to a change in shape of lines, loss of harmony.Develops obesity.digestive disorders entails deterioration of the liver, lungs and heart.But do not despair, remember the healing power of massage!

Our internal organs are located in the closed cavities of the body, you can influence them through the front wall of the abdomen and diaphragm.

Inhalation diaphragm expands and puts pressure on the liver, stomach, spleen, pancreas and intestines, abdominal wall leans forward and does not prevent their displacement and compression.The volume of the thoracic cavity increases, the lungs are filled with air and compress the heart.As you exhale, the diaphragm is reduced, the abdominal wall and a few drops is drawn into the volume of the t

horacic cavity decreases, the air is expelled from the lungs, the heart is released from compression.This property of the diaphragm and abdominal wall in ancient times was put peoples of the East in the framework of massage internal organs.

great emphasis is placed on breath-hold.Usually holding your breath is 30-60 seconds, a trained person can increase it to 2 minutes or more.

frequency and depth of breathing are original techniques of self-massage the internal organs.

So, deep, smooth breath with a delay at a height of 1-2 seconds of inhalation and exhalation calm normalizes function of internal organs, take a deep breath with a breath-holding to 10 seconds or more, followed by intense jerky breath enhances their function.Therefore, when performing massage internal organs important to be able to breathe properly.

Full breath - the most common type of controlled breathing, it is performed at a normal pace in the morning and at midday.Starting position: lying down, sitting, standing-as you are comfortable.Before slowly but with a force produced exhalation simultaneously retracting into the abdominal wall.Then slowly breathe in through the nose do: first embraced the abdominal wall, and then expand the lower ribs, lift the chest and at the same time extend the upper ribs.At the end of inhalation when the air fills the lungs, abdomen slightly retracted inside, creating a support air-filled lungs.Holding your breath for 1-2 seconds, exhale and begin to further retraction of the abdomen into the peritoneal cavity, the chest is held slightly raised and straightened.Then gradually relax the stomach, compressed ribs and shoulders lowered, the air goes through the nose outwards.With the release of air from the lungs chest and stomach dropped, and the abdominal wall is drawn.The exercise is performed 3 times at first and gradually adjusted to 20 times.Inhaling and exhaling should take place peacefully, without the help of muscles.

To master the method of complete breathing exercises are offered special , which will give you the opportunity to practice it in stages.Each of these exercises include certain massage the internal organs.

Exercise 1 .Breathing lower abdomen IPT breath.Starting position: lying down, sitting or standing.The muscles are relaxed.One hand lay on his stomach, the other - on the chest.Make slow, but strong exhale while retract the abdominal wall inward.Slowly inhale through the nose, the diaphragm relaxes during this movement, the abdominal wall is rounded bulges outwards, the lower part of the lungs filled with air.

As you exhale, the abdominal wall is drawn into the air from the lungs out through your nose.When performing multiple consecutive breaths stomach performs undulating movements, massaging the stomach, intestines, liver.

Exercise 2 .Average, or breastfeeding, breathing.Starting position is the same.Attention is directed to the edge.After exhalation slowly inhale through your nose, expanding on both sides of the chest ribs.Air fills the middle part of the lungs.Exhale through your nose doing, gradually relaxing the edges.The abdominal wall and shoulders in the act of breathing is not involved.The monitoring breathing movements arm located on the chest, lifted along with the chest.A hand placed on the abdomen, remains stationary.When performing this exercise massaged the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys.Exercise is repeated as the first one, 4 - 6 times 3 - 4 times daily.

Exercise 3 .High Breathing.Starting position is the same.Attention is directed to the upper part of the lungs.After exhalation slowly inhale through the nose, raising the collarbone and shoulders, at the same time the air will fill the upper part of the lungs.Exhale through your nose doing, gradually relaxing the edges of the upper chest and shoulders dropping.The stomach and the middle part of the chest remain immobile.Exercise repeat 4-6 times 3-4 times a day.When performing this exercise is massage the lungs and lymph nodes of the chest.

Sometimes after a full breath appears dizziness, unpleasant burning sensation behind the breastbone, mild weakness.This is due to the irregular practice in the implementation of the full breath or exercise.In this case, you should go to a normal breath and calm down.

For a more active massage increase circulation and lung apply reception sharp exhalation .Take a full breath, at the same time put your hands up and touch their ears, hold your breath for 2-3 seconds.Then, sharply bend, hands free, lower, relax and take a breath through your mouth energetic, as if uttering the syllable "wasp".Exercise repeat 3-5 times.

regularly perform these exercises helps to normalize the function of all internal organs.It will help you for many years to maintain a slim figure, smartness, grace.

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