12 August

Physiotherapy with cholecystitis ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

problems with biliary ways, such as cholecystitis, many know firsthand.Medikomentoznoe treatment relieves, however, in the period of improvement should take a proactive prevention.For example, you can make a special developed by physicians, gymnastics from cholecystitis.A range promotes the flow of bile, activate blood circulation in the abdominal cavity and improves bowel.Regular exercise helps to avoid the spring exacerbation.Here is a set of gymnastics.

Gymnastics made the following assumptions.


1. Put your hands on your stomach.Inhale, bulging belly.Exhale, lowering the stomach.

2. Extend your arms at your sides, bend your legs at the knees.Straighten your left leg, keeping the heel while on the mat.Then, straighten your right leg.Breathe freely.

3. Hands bend the shoulders.Straighten your arms in front of you - inhale, bend your back to the shoulders - exhale.

4. Bend your knees.Straighten your right leg up - exhale, lower to the starting position - inhale.The same do the left foot


5. Bend your knees.Lower them to the right and to the left.Breathe freely.

6. Bend the right leg and pull the knee to the chest - breathe.Straighten the leg - inhale.The same do the left foot.

7. Straighten your arms behind your head - inhale.Lift the straight leg, pull your hands to her toe - exhale.Lower leg - inhale.The same do the other leg.

8. Straighten your legs.Hands lift up - inhale, bend your knees.Lift your head and grasp the hands feet - exhale.

Lying on his side:

9. Place your right hand behind his head, the left - on the stomach.Inhale, bulging belly.Exhale, lowering the stomach.

10. Bend your knees.Place one hand under his head and the other in front of him.Straighten your leg, arching back - inhale.Pull up to the chest - breathe.At first, the knee will slide on the mat.Then try to lift it higher.

11. Lift the leg and arm together - inhale, lower - exhale.Follow the same, lying on the other side.

12. Pull the leg back - inhale, the leg forward - exhale.The same is done while lying on the other side.

Lying on his stomach:

13. Take a deep breath, and the belly bulge.On the exhale, try as much as possible to involve the stomach.

14. Place the hands under the shoulders.Go to a position on all fours, squatting on his heels.Breathe freely.

Standing on all fours:

15. Lift the right leg and inhale.Move the knee to the chest - breathe out.The same do the left foot.

16. Breathe.Lean on hands and toes, straighten your legs, lifting the pelvis - exhale.

17. Inhale, bulging belly.Exhale, drawing the belly.


18. marching in place, lifting his feet high for 30 seconds.

19. Stretch arms up - inhale, bend forward, touching the floor with his hands - exhale.

20. Put your hands on the belt.Rise on your toes - inhale.Now lunge: set aside the right foot back on the toes and exhale.When the sock has to slide on the floor.The same follow for the left leg.

21. Take right leg swings back and forth.Breathe thus arbitrary.Do the same left foot.

22. Dissolve hands in the parties.Lean forward until you touch the floor with your right hand, left hand lift up.Breathe freely.The same follow, changing the position of the hands.

23. Dissolve hands in the parties and inhale.Dip your hands with polunaklonom forward - exhale.

* Duration of therapeutic exercises for 30-40 minutes, if you are engaged with the instructor in physical therapy.If you prefer self-study, it takes quite 1-2 times a day for 10-15 minutes.Choose the most simple and easy exercises, the implementation of which will be for you a burden.
* To enhance the effect of exercise therapy combine with water procedures - wet morning rubdown or pouring water and then rubbing the body with a rough towel.
* Be sure to make daily walks in the fresh air for 2-3 hours a day.

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