12 August

Fascial gymnastics ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

founder of Osteopathy Dr. Andrew Taylor Still at the basis of life understood undisturbed movement and unhindered flow of body fluids - blood, lymph, interstitial fluid.Only through this can be accomplished vital to ensure each individual cells with nutrients and oxygen, and not least, removal of toxins.The restriction of the flow of life: traffic congestion in the blood vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries, lymphatic channel), compression of nerves and malnutrition Still saw the foundation of various diseases.If the disorder is tissue function in time to stop the process of growing violations obratimym.Suschestvennoy becomes fully integral part of the osteopathic philosophy is the ability to activate its own healing powers.Every body has natural corrective forces that seek to provide the body the most good level of health, if not disturbed movement and unhindered flow of tissue fluids.

Stretch fascial system.

any single body structure is surrounded by a membrane, called connective or fascial, TCA-

New (fascia).Fascia - a key element of the human body.

next two arbitrary exercises promote stretching across the front and back of the fascial system and therefore considered in osteopathy two basic exercises.

processes of connective tissue stretching affect their entire communications system of our body.

All vessels, peripheral nervous system, each organ individually covered with connective tissue.She enveloped by all, without exception, the body cavity.Other structures are also surrounded by a connective tissue sheath, each bone - periosteum, every muscle - the muscle membrane, and each tendon - tendon sheath.None

vessel is connected directly to the cells, and exchanging nutrients and waste products through the information layer of connective tissue.It is the drive to many toxins that the body is not able to display their own, as well as a kind of buffer the acid load.Here are two exercises to mobilize the connective tissue, which stimulates the process of self-regulation body.

stretching exercises the front surface of the body.

Lie on your stomach and place both palms on the floor at chest level.straighten toes, ie, the back side of your foot pressed to the floor.Now lean on his hands and slowly lift your upper body to the breastbone.A person keep parallel to the floor, pull the shoulders towards the feet.
Now slowly raise your head, sticking out his chin.Shut your mouth, you feel a stretch fascia neck.
Then continue to raise your upper body.You should feel a pleasant, pulling irritation in this area.Throughout the exercise the navel should not come off the floor, and in the lumbar spine should not have any pain.(If you have problems in the lumbar spine pre-check with your doctor).Keep the tension of not less than 7 seconds.Repeat 3 times.

With the "front" stretching strengthened fascial system of the front of the torso.When performing this exercise, which relieves stress, stretches and drains the entire front area of ​​the body, it is very important to monitor breathing - it should be smooth, calm and deep.

stretching exercises the rear surface of the body.

Walk on all fours.Then, like a cat bend the back, possibly Flexing its arc - while you should feel pleasant, pulling irritation in the upper body.To conclude the exercise, allow yourself to "settle down", compactly folded, and so that his legs were bent under your breasts.His head tilted as low as possible to the chest.Keep stretching it at least 30 seconds.Repeat 3 times.
«rear" stretching system reinforces the rear side of the torso of the connective tissue.

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