27 August

Yoga Asanas for your health

Yoga helps an intelligent man become wise.
Sage will make it a god.
Usually, an ordinary man doing yoga is not necessary and there is no time - he's got better things to do
.These exercises of yoga can be attributed not only to the gym, but also to serious health measures.By performing these asanas, you are massaging the internal organs, stimulate circulation.

is important to remember:

1. All exercises are done on an empty stomach.After they are also not in a hurry to eat.Start with a glass of water, and only 30 minutes a little snack.
2. Perform asanas slow.
3. After each Exercise relax for 5 minutes.
4. Monitor your health.If you are experiencing discomfort from this exercise should be abandoned.
5. Carefully follow the instructions.Do not experiment.

Asana "retraction of the abdomen in a standing position» .

Execution: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands lower freely.On the exhale the air force.Very clean a belly and hold in this position.The body slightly tilted forward.
Impact: Strengthening the press, improved bowel function.

Asana "retraction of the abdomen while sitting» .

Execution: take a position of "sitting tailor," when the heel of the left foot rests on the navel, and the right foot under the left shin.Tighten your stomach muscles and anus, exhale and draw the abdomen with a force in itself.On the inhale, return to the starting position.
This exercise - an effective tool to combat constipation.

Asana "bow» .

Execution: Lie on your stomach, face down, arms down along the body.Relax your abdominal muscles.Then bend your legs back so that you can reach out your hands and take the legs by the ankles.Raise the head and chest.At the same time straighten the legs so that you can tear off the chest off the floor.Body position should resemble a bow with a taut bowstring.Hold your breath, then slowly lower your hips to the floor.Repeat 5-6 times.
Impact massage the abdomen.If staying in this position, to swing back and forth, the exercise will provide massage the entire lower part of the body.But we should not swing too hard.This exercise is especially recommended for people suffering from chronic diseases associated with sluggish bowel work, poor digestion and liver complaints.
also asana "onion" is useful in rheumatic legs.

Asana "grasshopper» .

Execution: Lie on your stomach, face down, arms along the body, palms to the floor.Inhale and hold your breath until the implementation is complete.Tighten your entire body and lift your legs 5 cm from the floor.Head delay in the starting position, keeping the chin off the floor.Feet are extended.Raising calves is necessary not only, but also the hips and even the pelvis.Stay in this position for 5 seconds, then slowly lower your legs and inhale.Repeat 6 times.
Impact: This exercise has a beneficial effect on the internal organs in the lower part of the body and limbs.pelvic and leg muscles are strengthened.With the help of this asana cured constipation, it is a positive effect on the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

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