12 August

Massage at home

As a rule, we do not have enough time to properly do them.And, especially, do not have time to go to the masseur.But massage is to help us better than any drugs that we ingest is now hoping to get rid of fatigue, irritability, headaches.

However, much we could do ourselves.If you decide to take a chance and take a massage, remember that the person who takes over the massage and willing to achieve tangible results, should strictly adhere to certain rules.

Here they are:

- to observe moderation in food, avoid fatty and sweet.

- Drink every day for at least one and a half liters of water.

- Learning how to breathe deeply.As a result of such blood gets more breathing oxygen.

- Get rid of the wrong posture.The body must be kept straight, chin parallel to the floor, stomach in.Bad posture can lead to digestive disorders and other complications.

- Observe proper sleep.

- Do not forget about the movement.Very useful walking, gymnastics, and in general any kind of sport, the relevant state of your healt

h, age and physical condition.

- Before the massage should always sit back and relax.

- Massage done only with warm hands.

Before massage check the condition of the skin.In many places it Pinch with two fingers.If the skin is thicker polusantimetra not signals of pain and quite elastic, which means you are healthy.

massage is performed easily, without excessive pressure, the fingers should be soft and sensitive.Please touch to the place, which will be massaged, and only then proceed to massage.

Listen to your body.Never use rough, causing themselves pain and leaving bruises.If you feel pain, stop massage, otherwise the result will be the exact opposite to the expected.For massage

need strong, but flexible and sensitive fingers.Do not massage the groin, a place behind the knees and under the arms, which are concentrated nerve nodes and blood vessels.And do not massage the breasts.

Massage the whole body, focus attention on a particular area.Are you tired - massage the head and legs.You have disrupted digestion - stomach massage.Do you feel fatigue after physical work - massage the hand and lower back.

Spend massage twice a week.Duration 10 minutes.If you are massaging only one place, enough for one or two minutes.Be patient.Self-massage can quickly eliminate some unpleasant and painful condition, but in other cases, will take a few weeks or even months.Total restoration of equilibrium in the body require - subject to regular massage, and compliance with all the basic rules - about two years.

From what help massage:

- fatigue, irritation and nausea, which can occur in transport, are removed by the following method: to push the top of the head with two fingers and make a circular motion clockwise.

- Massage head with two hands - pressure and circular movements - helps with headaches and ensures sound sleep.

- Massage nose in a circular motion will eliminate the common cold, headache and help tired eyes.

- Massage with two fingers in a circular motion behind the ears helps the body relax and ensures a strong soy.

- Massage neck muscles relieves anxiety, fear and smoothes the skin.

- Massage the chest with circular movements of the fingers is a remedy for neurosis.

- massage the whole abdomen with two fingers, which zaschipyvayut skin, helps rheumatism.The massage is performed in the downward direction.

- Massage hips fingers clenched hand strengthens the back muscles and helps with some gynecological difficulties.

- Massage thighs whole hand relaxes the body and strengthens the muscles.Massage is performed only on the outside of the thighs.

- Massage the whole hand in the direction of the lower leg from the bottom up improves blood circulation, it helps with cramps, gives harmony feet.

- Massage heels, ankles and toes in a circular motion reduces fatigue and improves circulation.

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