12 August

A healthy spine .Physical exercises for correct posture

Externally human mind, his demeanor, posture can be said with certainty is sick or not.When the spine is healthy, a person does not feel his body, walking is easy, free.If the alignment is broken, violated all the functions of the body: cardiovascular, respiratory, excretory, digestive kishechnaya.Mnogie people complain of headaches, and to alleviate the suffering, trying to muffle their medicines, but to no avail.The reason lies in the fact that as a result of degenerative disc disease of the upper cervical vertebral arteries supplying blood to the brain, additionally clamped.By the way, from the suffering circulatory disorders and eye.

If you set a complete rehabilitation of the spine problem, help exercise.It should regularly (at least three times a week) to provide diversified load over the spine and strengthen the surrounding tissues and muscles, doing physical exercises, which are described below.

Exercise «Rolls» .
Sit on the mat, pull both legs knees to the body.Hands tightly clasp his feet a

t the ankles (feet push each other), and connect firmly the fingers of both hands.Chin hug the knees.At the same time the head, neck and back will be on the same arc.Very lean back on his back and as sharply and quickly return to the starting position.Breathing is arbitrary.Make exercise from 5 to 10 times, considering rolling back and forth in one raz.Uprazhnenie promotes flexibility and mobility of the spine, helps in the treatment of rheumatism, cerebral diseases is a good way to enhance memory.Do not forget to check out all the exercises complete relaxation.

Exercise «Cobra» .
Lie on the mat face down, heels and socks together, feet rest on the toes, arms bent at the elbows, lie on the shoulder level, palms down, fingers together.The chin rests on the mat.
Relying on his hands, lift as high as the upper part of the body, keeping the floor lower half of the abdomen to the navel.Head fold back as much as possible, look up.Breathing through the nose arbitrary.Without moving the arms and legs, keeping your lower abdomen, turn left enough to see over the left shoulder heel of the right foot.Then slowly return to starting position and immediately take the exit to the right to see through his right shoulder the heel of the left foot.Then again up and arch your back and scroll down.Exercise again, but in a different sequence: up - right - left - up - down.

Do this exercise slowly, with a delay in every position up to 30 seconds.Therapeutic effect of exercise: corrected curvature of the spine, its flexibility is reduced, eliminated stoop, recovers a beautiful posture, increases peristalsis, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, the motor muscles of the eye.Exercise helps to cure sciatica.

Exercise «Bow» .
Lying on your stomach, bend your knees, stretch your arms behind your back and grab the ankles, inhale.Then, moderately rapid movement of lift head and torso from the floor and at the same time using hand lift your legs as high as possible, tilt the head back.Then run 4-5 swings back and forth on a breath hold and return to starting position.Exercise strengthens the organs of the digestive system and eliminates the weaknesses in the development of the spine.This exercise develops the chest and bust.

Exercise «Triangle» .
Stand with your feet apart to set up the 60-90 cm Hands -. To the sides at shoulder level, palms down.Slowly bend to the right, so to feel a strong pull to the left side.In this case the right hand must reach the right foot (legs straight) and the left (straight) placed horizontally above his head.Hold this posture 5-7 seconds, and then return to starting position.Make the same inclination to the left.Follow the slopes on each side 3-5 times.This exercise develops flexibility of the spine, strengthens muscles of vertebrates, perfectly stretches the side surface of the body, eliminating congestion in the area.

Exercise «Goldfish» .
Lie down on a mat on your back, legs extended straight.Achilles tendon, calf and thigh (especially popliteal region) is fully pressed to the floor.Feet perpendicular leg socks are folded to face.Previously several times at the expense of "5" stretch in different directions with outstretched hands, and throw back, the heel - forward then left, then right.Palm put under the cervical spine, elbows flat on the floor, legs connect, point the toes to face.In this position oscillates left and right vibrating the whole body (such as fish, moving in the water).When moving to the right foot, head - to the left.This exercise should be done for 1-2 minutes every morning and evening.Exercise helps to correct the wrong position of the individual vertebrae and thereby eliminates the curvature of the spine, promotes healing scoliosis, normalizes the process of blood circulation, stimulates peristalsis.

Make circular motions shoulders.Hands - to the shoulders, elbows bent to the side, parallel to the floor.Describe the great circles elbows: on inspiration - onwards and upwards, exhale - back and down.Repeat the same thing in reverse napravlenii.vibrogimnastika

Exercise «Vibration» .
you need to tear off heels from a floor of 1 cm and a sharp drop to the floor - while getting hit and shake the whole body.This exercise should be done slowly, no more than once per second.After 30 shocks should make a break for 5-20 seconds, and then 30 more tremors.1 cm above the heel should not be raised so as not to damage the venous valves.His lips pressed tightly together.When performing this exercise is effectively cleaning the cells of the body and worked intervertebral discs, is carried out thrombosis prophylaxis.When vibrogimnastike through the valves in the veins the blood receives an additional impetus for upward movement.

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