12 August

Physiotherapy from a headache

If you have a few minutes of free time and the opportunity to retire, try a short set of therapeutic exercises.These exercises will help you get rid of a headache

- Sit in a chair.Keep your back straight, head freely, effortlessly, just by gravity tilt to the chest.Hold that position for twenty seconds.Then a break for half a minute.Again, the inclination for 20 seconds.Repeat 15-16 times.

- Sitting or standing, lift the hands to the head.The thumbs of each hand press to the upper zygomatic arcs, the other fingers grasp the back of the head.Look up.On the inhale for 10 seconds try to tilt the head back while holding her hands.On the exhale for 6-8 seconds, looking down as much as possible, tilt your head to your chest, stretching, but without straining your neck muscles.Repeat the inhale-exhale cycle 5-6 times.

- To remove a headache coming from the cervical spine, do this exercise: sitting on a chair, with one hand on top of his head in the part in which pain is felt more strongly.Your index finger

should be approximately at the level of the beginning of the ear.Little effort, expand the head in the hands of "healthy" side.Free hand press from below the chin and cheek.On the inhale for 10 seconds, looking down, push the chin to the bottom of her palm against resistance.On the exhale for 6-8 seconds, relax and look up.Repeat 5-6 times, just by changing the rotation of the head.

- If the headache is from the neck, the third exercise is as follows: Sit down, keep your head straight or slightly bent forward.Grasp the top of her hand, as in the previous exercise.Middle finger grope between the first vertebra and skull sore point.Push it and a half to two minutes.Repeat 3-6 times.With the cessation of pain, stop the exercise.

- Finally, follow a few methods of acupuncture.Thumbs of both hands grope sore spots between the skull and the first vertebra.Massage the point both thumbs in a circular motion clockwise 15 times.Then press down the point and a half to two minutes.

Now, with his arms crossed, middle and ring fingers of both hands for a minute massage strongly point to the end with the outer and inner side of the elbow creases, simultaneously raising and lowering the arms.Break - minute.Repeat up to 15 times.

After that half-minute or two push your thumb or finger to point at the base of the nose, where the bridge ends and begins a mustache area.Then, at the same time it is the turn point line crossing the thumb and index finger on the hand.

To complete the exercise up to two minutes to push the point of the internal cavity of the foot arch, formed by bending the toes down.

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