27 August

PA gymnastics

PA exercises - it is the utterance of a strictly defined manner of different sounds and combinations thereof.The fact that the utterance sound vibration of the vocal cords is transmitted to the airways and lungs of them - on the chest.It is believed that such vibration lets you relax spastic bronchi and bronchioles, and is particularly useful when respiratory diseases , accompanied by cramps: asthma, bronchitis with asthmatic component. strength of the vibration depends on the strength of the air stream arising in the pronunciation of certain sounds.This fact is used in the sound for gymnastics training of respiratory muscles and diaphragm.The greatest strength is required in the pronunciation of voiceless consonants - p, t, k, p, p.In pronouncing them, the muscles of the chest and diaphragm strain most.Average for the power voltage is developed in the pronunciation of voiced consonants - b, d, g, c, h.The easiest way to pronounce the so-called sonants (from the Latin sonus -. Sound) - m, n, l, p.

All the sounds you need to say in a certain way depending on the objective of sound gymnastics, so a better deal under the guidance of a specialist.So, in bronchial asthma and asthmatic bronchitis, buzzing, hissing and growling sounds are pronounced loudly, energetically, "exciting", and chronic bronchitis are the same sounds should be pronounced softly (even a whisper), gently, soothingly.

Before and after each exercise produce "cleansing breath" pfff through his lips, folded tube.With him and begin the task.Other compulsory exercise - a "closed moan" mmmm, who perform sitting slightly bent forward and resting hands on knees, palms down.

Breathe , doing the exercises, you need this: breath through the nose for 1-2 seconds, 1 second pause, exhale through the mouth active 2-4 seconds, pause 4-6 seconds.Classes are held in a well-ventilated area, and their duration depends on your state of health.Usually, to get some effect, growl and grunt falls 2-3 times a day for 5-25 minutes.

PA exercises at regular "classes" gives a very good effect.And in some cases it can even pull off an attack of asthma.

Here are the sounds to help you cope with the breath:
# pfff - 3 times

# mmm - 3 times and pfff - 1 time

# brruh - 3 times and pfff - 1 time

# vrruh - 3times and pfff - 1 time

# shrruh - 3 times and pfff - 1 time

# zrruh - 3 times and pfff - 1 time

# vrrot - 3 times and pfff - 1 times.

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