12 August

Myopia.Exercise to maintain the view

Nearsightedness, or myopia, - one of the most common vision problems.TV, computer, reading books lying and other negative factors can exacerbate the problem.We'll give you recommendations that must be followed to myopia progressirovala.Osnovnoe not usually life - not overloaded, and in every sense.Avoid lifting weights more than 5 kg, give up the slopes and sharp movements and limit physical and visual load, if there is a progressive change in the retina.

time to reveal them at least once a year shows ophthalmologist .The retina in nearsighted - the weakest link.On the retina is often the case of small, not perceptible breaks in place which may occur retinal detachment - threatening disease, fraught with loss of vision.And the gap is eliminated (special sealed beam) on the day of discovery just a few minutes.

sure need to rest eyes.To determine that the vision overstretched, is simple: it is time fatigue, redness proteins and frequent hemorrhages characteristic headache, extending from the eye acro

ss the forehead to the crown.Think about how to build a day to alternate with a rest eyestrain, including active outdoors.

When working at the computer every 30-45 minutes, do 10-15 minute break.Dedicate its simplest gymnastics to the eye.And while the most looks at distant objects.In general, more work 5 hours a day behind a computer is not recommended.

It is important to convert the workplace.Particular importance is attached to the lighting: it must be at the top, and as a lamp power of 60-100 watts.Make sure that direct sunlight does not fall into the eye.The optimal distance from the eye to the page of a book or paper -. 35-40 cm But the remoteness of the monitor is not critical, the main criterion here - easy.And, of course, monitor type: LCD with anti-reflection coating is much more comfortable to view.

TV look better from a distance, no closer than 2-2.5 m from the screen.Set it at eye level, so as not to have to bend or lift her head - it is also harmful to the eye.

Do not read in moving vehicles - is perhaps the most harmful activity!Constantly changing the distance to the eye overstrains vision and myopia worsens.If you are in the transport, close your eyes and relax.Think of a pleasant, let your eyes rest.

Myopia - not a reason to lead a sedentary lifestyle.Work is possible, but observing moderation.It is better to give up the exercise, requiring a large static electricity and causing an increase in eye pressure.This intricate yoga postures, Rod.Even just to swing on an incline bench press is not recommended - better to do it from a horizontal position.But swimming is welcome.

Exercise for eyes.For the prevention of myopia
useful following exercise (starting position - sitting, each repeated 5-6 times).

1. Leaning back, take a deep breath, then leaned forward, exhaling.
2. Leaning back in his chair, closed his eyes, squeezed his eyes shut his eyes, open eyelids.
3. Hands on the belt, turn the head to the right, look to your right elbow

turn your head to the left, look at the left elbow, return to starting position.
4. Lift up your eyes, make them a circular motion clockwise, then counterclockwise.
5. Hands forward, look at the tips of the fingers, hands up (breath), the eyes follow the movement of the hands, head down, hands down (exhale).

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