28 August

Exercise therapy for rheumatism ( physical exercises and physiotherapy )

For people suffering from rheumatism, the phrase "therapeutic exercise" sounds like a mockery.What might be the exercise, if any movement sometimes brings pain.Nevertheless physiotherapy rheumatism actively used, therapeutic physical training prescribed in the active phase of rheumatism at calming acute symptoms of the disease.Technique training is somewhat similar to the method used in myocardial miokarda.Pri strict bedrest use active movements in the distal limb joints, passive exercise and massage.With the expansion of the motor mode to the occupation gradually include more challenging exercises for the larger muscle groups.Movements that cause pain in inflamed joints, operate with incomplete amplitude.Therapeutic exercise for rheumatism appoint a doctor, and training methodology determined by the physician-specialist in physical therapy.It is not recommended to start their own lessons - it can lead to deterioration.Strictly to be respected technique of employment prescribed by the doctor, so we do n

ot give specific exercises.But it is impossible to ignore the physical component of therapeutic treatments for rheumatism, so we offer you a range of Tibetan morning gymnastics.Its implementation is available in almost any condition, as all exercises are done without getting out of bed.These exercises influence on the cardiovascular and central nervous system and on the endocrine glands.

After gymnastics drink a glass of water from the sips of honey, infused with the evening.

So, the complex includes all 10 exercises:

1. Massage the ears: lying on his back in the bed, put his thumbs in his ears and squeezed his hands from top to bottom 30 times so that the index fingers moved over the ear shells.Completely focus on the actions carried out and his eyes close.

2. Massage the forehead: the palm of his right hand put on forehead, left - to the right and slide on the front part of the left and right 20 times so that little fingers moved over his eyebrow.With this exercise, you can get rid of a headache.

3. Massage the eye: the back of a large bent fingers massage the eyeballs - 15 times.This exercise in addition to the health-building effect, improves eyesight, and calms the nervous system.

4. Massage of the thyroid gland: bent palms of hands gently massage the thyroid gland from the top down, hugging the iron, 30 times.This exercise improves the regulation of all metabolic processes in the body and internal organs.

5. Massage the abdomen: right hand put on the left and make a circular motion 20-30 times, but so that his stomach was moving up and down, which is achieved by turning the palm of your hand.

6. retraction of the abdomen: supine, strongly draw the stomach to the spine, and then bulge - 20 times.This exercise is useful prodelyvat several times during the day.It has beneficial effects on the liver, and simultaneously helps to get rid of excess fat in the abdominal area.

7. Bending of feet: lying on his back, alternately bend legs in knee joints and firmly tighten each leg to your chest so that the massage all the internal organs exposed.Repeat 15 times with each leg.Exercise improves the functioning of internal organs.

8. Foot massage: sitting on the bed, swung his legs to the floor, the left to the right place, the right hand palm massage the groove of the foot - 20 times, then switch legs and massage the other leg recess, also 20 times.This is the most effective exercise for the treatment of rheumatism and regulation of the heart.

9. Massage nape: sitting on the bed with his hands clasped in castle, lay them on the head and massage it in both directions 10 times.This exercise improves blood circulation and movement of the cerebrospinal fluid.

10. Last - energetic exercise: sitting, put his hands over his ears, and firmly press the fingertips of both hands alternately strike the back of the head, just do 25-30 strokes.Such movements stimulate the cerebral cortex, relieve headaches.

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