12 August

Posture and spine .Why is it so important backbone

Spine - a reliable support for all of our body, as well as skeletal system.In diseases of the spine and whole body in the internal organs receive overvoltage.They can not be in a calm state because it is required to relieve pressure on the spine, which is our body "hanging" if everything is in order, like clothes on a hanger.Additionally, moving away from the spinal column nerve fibers that pulses fed to every organ in the body.If there is a pinched nerve, the person begins to experience unbearable pain.Those professionals who work with the spine, it is believed that all diseases can be cured if correct problems with the spine.In large measure this is absolutely correct.So if we get sick, the first thing you should pay attention to the spine.Sometimes just a few sessions with a qualified masseur, to get rid of even the chronic disease, which at first glance is not related to the vertebral stolbu.Osanka accurately expresses how we relate to our spine and we understand its importance.It depends on the hea

lth of the spine.From its state depends also on correct or incorrect work almost all our internal organs and systems.From the spinal nerves extend to almost all organs in our body, and if the spine is curved (as expressed by our posture), then there is no hope for good health.

Curvature of the spine can occur in any part thereof.The spine is made up of bone disks, between which the nerve endings, and abrasion disk, the deposition of salts in the spine there is a pinched nerve, which causes severe pain, sometimes simply unbearable.It is very difficult without a special massage to get rid of salt deposits in the intervertebral discs, so this should be necessary, and only with the help of a specialist.Folk healers - bone setters - a good command of the practice of fixing all the problems with the spine, but there are academic doctors who own not only the folk methods of healing the spine, but also cutting-edge medical technologies.

In any case, the spine needs attention.It must be flexible and healthy, because the spine accounts for a huge load, in fact it is "hanging" all our bodies.If the spine is in order, every day, to preserve his health, to do light exercises that one can not make it more difficult in terms of time.It is just a few minutes.

1.Sdelayte hands locking behind him.If it does not work immediately, use a handkerchief or towel, on which you gradually tighten the arms towards each other.Typically, one hand operates better than another.Take time less flexible arm in the shoulder joint.With a little practice you will be able to connect your elbows behind your back.

3. Practice to connect behind a palm to the fingers looked up.Be sure to continuously breathe while performing exercises: hold your breath and groaning is very harmful for the lungs.

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