29 August

Workout in the workplace

British researchers have undertaken to find out what happens to a man who is forced to sit for long periods in one position.It turns out many hours sitting in the workplace leads to chronic pain arising due to overexertion or clamp specific muscle groups.Therefore, experts believe that in a static posture people can spend only 30-45 minutes, and then comes the muscle fatigue.Hence, the duration of the "academic" hours (the duration of the lessons in the school, and lectures at universities is 45 minutes).

But it is no desk chair, even the most comfortable and anatomically correct, does not relieve your muscles from fatigue and stress.Try to use a chair, not only for its intended purpose, turning it on time in the simulator.

Exercise 1 .
IP - stand facing the side of the chair so that you can put your left hand on the back and right leg to put on the seat.Springy motion bend the right leg, giving the body forward.Repeat this movement with the left and right leg 10 times.

Exercise 2 .
IP - stand behind his chair and lean on her hands.Step away from the chair close at hand and make 10 swings in the direction of right and left foot alternately.

Exercise 3 .
IP - Stand with your back against the back of his chair and put his hands on her.Take a step forward and squat so that shoulders the burden felt, at least 10 times.Crouching - breath rising - exhale.

Exercise 4 .
IP - stand right side towards the back of the chair.Take the right leg back, peremahnite right leg over a chair arm and grasp the back of the chair.Repeat the movement of each leg at least 10 times.

Exercise 5 .
IP - the same.Only then pull the leg forward and peremahival over a chair in the front - back.Repeat the movement of each leg at least 10 times.

Exercise 6 .
IP - stand right side to the seat of the chair, putting on his right leg straightened.Raise your arms up and lean forward, trying to touch the hands of the toe of the right foot.Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.Then change legs.

Exercise 7 .
IP - the same.Only now, leaning, try to get your hands a sock on the right foot, which stands on the floor.Perform at least 10 slopes to the right and left leg.

Exercise 8 .
IP - the same, only his hands behind his head.At least 10 times to bend the leg, lying on the chair seat.

Performing exercises, breathe freely.Every 2-3 weeks, gradually increase the number of repetitions and speeding up the pace, performing any exercise until the feeling of mild fatigue.

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