29 August

Drive your mood .Autogenous training and breathing exercises

degree of mental stress is largely, if not mainly determines the performance and mood, and excessive tension or, on the contrary, it reduced the level of negative impact on health.To lighten the mood and reduce tensions on their own, you can use the recommendations of experts.

Here is a simple breathing exercises to reduce mental stress.These exercises are done sitting, standing or lying down.

Exercise 1

Take a deep breath, hold your breath (5-6 seconds) to strain muscles of the body, then slowly exhale and relax the muscles.Repeat 9-10 times, trying each time to increase the delay of breath, exhaling and relaxation.

Exercise 2

Make slow, deep breath, straining muscles.Pause - 2-3 seconds, then exhale fast and rapid relaxation of muscles.Perform 2-3 minutes.

can use exercises such as clenching and unclamping fingers relaxed rotation of the hands, feet, shoulders and head.

And if you're familiar with autogenic training, you can do these exercises to relieve tension.

«Breathing circle»

elongated breath as it goes along the left side of the body (from the thumb of the left foot up to the head), and a long exhale - the right foot to the big toe of the right foot.The exercise is performed with the eyes closed.Breathe in through both nostrils.Imagine that you inhale and exhale do, however, through the point between the eyebrows.Then breathe, mentally counting: on "one, two, three, four" - inhale and "five, six, seven, eight" - an exhalation.At the same time imagine that the breath goes, as it were, from the spine up and exhale - from the eyebrows down to the navel.

After that, slowly and silently inhale (breathe in passes, as it were, from the thumb of the left foot up to the eyebrows) and exhale (breathe out - as it were, from the eyebrows down on the right side of the body to the toes of the right foot).Repeat 6-10 times.

During exhalation elongated need to mentally recite "are warming the hands, feet are warming."


Sitting on a chair with his legs crossed and do not slouch, shallow breathing through the nose during inhalation

lift the finger tip of the nose and at the same time, however, chew gum.Exhale through your mouth slightly rounded.Repeat 6-8 times.Then stretch a few times, straining muscles of the arms, legs, and then relaxing them.

Exercise can complement rhythmic by gently pressing your fingertip point in the hole of the chin.To 3 seconds duration.Then a few seconds and sit quietly breathe.

To lighten the mood, you can use the methods of activation ideas.

To do this while in a comfortable position, relax, close your eyes.Breathe smoothly and quietly.Bright imagine a landscape or situation that you are associated with positive emotions, a sense of psychological comfort, for example, a walk in the shady garden, quiet forest clearing, swimming in the sea, relax on the warm beach sand, and so on. D.

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