12 August

Peeling of palms : Causes, Treatment

peeling palms - very unpleasant phenomenon that many of us face in our lives.Sometimes there is only a minor inconvenience, but it also happens that the peeling of the skin on the palms of really ruins lives.

Why skin flakes?

If we talk about the common causes of excessive dry skin of hands, the two main groups of problems can be distinguished: internal and external.The internal include certain diseases, vitamin deficiencies, allergies, certain medication intake.Here it is necessary first of all to eliminate this most "internal" reason and only then deal with moisture.

However, the fair sex is often faced with a banal case: the wrong soap or towel;intolerance gel for washing dishes or washing powder and other household chemicals;failure to use a special moisturizer.

In the case of internal problems peeling can be extremely strong, the skin may itch.There is already a dermatologist should check for psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

If peeling palm does not cause unbearable discomfort, you can try

to understand the reasons of their own and take the first steps.

How to deal with the peeling?

first step is to start washing dishes, toilet and wash only in rubber gloves.Furthermore, an antibacterial soap will only exacerbate the problem.Certainly the house must be present greasy moisturizer that should be applied at least twice a day.In any case, you can replace your cosmetics on hypoallergenic.In cold weather, it is not necessary to keep your hands in the cold.

your daily diet should be enriched with plenty of food containing enough vitamins A, B, E, and it is:

  • fresh herbs;
  • fruits and vegetables red and yellow colors;
  • cereals, rye bread, nuts, and legumes;
  • cereals, vegetable oil.

Traditional medicine offers dozens of recipes that help overcome the peeling.An excellent tool is considered normal sea buckthorn oil , which smeared palm.

can also impose a mask of liquid honey and olive oil quality.The density should be controlled independently, but the honey must be liquid, so that you can properly stir it with butter.

Daily care

every day, taking a bath before going to bed, hands should be washed, blot (do not rub!) Towel and then spread a thick layer of palm fat cream or any vegetable oil .If there are x / b cosmetic glove, then put on top and.These steps are very simple, but very effective - and here is important regularity of procedures.

If Cream can not help, connect more serious measures: masks, baths, compresses.

Baths with lemon juice or salt to do so: the hands are immersed in warm water somewhere on 30 minutes, then blotted with a soft towel.This will remove the hand fatigue and remarkably clear them.

Next hands can make a compress: warmed sea buckthorn oil or olive oil is applied on the palms and hands are wrapped in cotton gloves.Then you need to go under the warm blanket and lie so half an hour.After that - the above procedure: wash, towel, cream.

In the most severe cases, when it is nothing at all does not help, medication use funds.Mix in a ratio of 1/1 on corticosteroids cream and sea buckthorn cream.This is a very powerful tool and its use is fraught with long-term health: such a mixture can be applied no more than 1 time per day for 2 consecutive weeks.

In any case, a trip to the dermatologist eliminate the doubts and will soon recover.

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