29 August

Exercise Golf spine Bragg (physical exercises and physiotherapy )

Name Paul Bragg, probably familiar to everyone.Throughout his life, Paul Bragg devoted to the study of a healthy lifestyle and help restore youth and health to many lyudyam.V Among other things, he developed exercises that allow to fully restore the function of the spine, no matter how much you may be years.Thanks to them, not only strengthens the muscles and ligaments of the back, but there is recovery of the whole organism.

Lie on the floor on your back, pull the legs, arms to the side.Bend your knees and clasping their hands, pull up to her chest.Then, lift your head and try to touch your chin knees.Keep this position for 5 seconds.This exercise strengthens the spine well, which "manages" the stomach, and balances all the processes in the body.

Sit on the floor, leaning on hands almost straight behind you.The legs bend.Lift the pelvis - now the body relies on apart, knees bent legs and straight arms.The spine is in a horizontal position.Then return to the starting positi

on.Repeat several times at a rapid pace.This stimulates all the nerve centers, improves the condition of the pelvic spine and pelvis.

Lie on the floor on his stomach.Based on hands and toes, arched her back arch, raise your pelvis so that it is above the level of the head.Head lowered, feet shoulder width apart, knees and elbows straight.Then lower the hips as low as possible, almost to the floor.Hands and legs straight.Lift your head and zaprokinte her back.Exercise should be done slowly, at first it will be difficult, but then the spine "shake" and relax.Thus it is possible to get rid of headaches and bowel problems.

Starting position is the same as in the third exercise: raise pelvis and bend the back, resting on his hands straightened hands and toes.Now expand the pelvis to the left, dropping as low as possible on the right side

then the same - in the opposite direction.His arms and legs remain straight.This exercise eliminates problems in the liver and kidneys.

The same starting position: lying on the floor face down, resting on his hands at chest level.Lift the hips as high as possible, arching your back arch, and walk around the room in this position, based on the straight arms and legs.It's a funny exercise perfectly stretches the spine, improves the condition of the nerve fibers that control the large intestine, and normalizes its work.

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