12 August

Is it afraid of nitrates ?

When it comes to vegetables, most housewives immediately begins to worry about nitrates.Everyone understands that this is a very harmful substance, but how to protect yourself from them, so no one really knows.But is afraid of nitrates? To begin with, we recall that nitrates called nitric acid salt.Their presence in fruits and vegetables - it is quite natural, since they serve as a source of nitrogen for plants.A nitrogen-free plants were unable to construct the protein molecule.But as you know, any, even the most useful substance in excessive quantities may become poison.

Fruits and Vegetables, "overfed" nitrates, can not fully processed protein derived nitrogen and begin to accumulate a nitric acid salt in pure form.So, how to behave nitrates, got together with cabbage and watermelon in the human body depends on many factors, which predict the confluence impossible.

In one scenario, nitrates can not simply be absorbed and easily withdraw from the body, at another - even to form a very useful antibac

terial substances that can protect us from E. coli and other pathogens.In the worst case, recover nitrates to nitrites - nitrous acid salts.Here are these some salt and dangerous to humans.

Nitrites react with hemoglobin in the blood, turning it into metaglobin who is unable to carry oxygen.As a result, all the organs and tissues are affected by oxygen starvation, which is protracted, it could end up very sad way.

scientists found that is safe for human consumption of nitrite not exceeding 5 mg per 1 kg of body weight.So if you weigh, say, 60 kg, the permissible mass of 300 mg of nitrite.Exceeded this rate is quite difficult, because the concentration of nitrates in vegetables of different types ranging from 50 to 400 mg per 1 kg.It should be remembered that during storage and cooking their number has decreased.

ability to accumulate nitrates in itself every kind of vegetables and fruits are different.Thus, the "nitrate" champions considered beets and leafy vegetables -.. Parsley, dill, lettuce, sorrel, etc. These cultures can store up to 2000 mg of nitrate in 1 kg, so are the most dangerous to humans,

Second place is sharedcabbage, zucchini and early varieties of carrots.The least the ability to accumulate nitrates different vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, and fruit - apples, pears, table grapes.

have nitrates there is another important feature - in the fetal weight they accumulate unevenly.Thus, the "pantry nitrates" cabbage - in the cobs and the covering leaves, carrots - in the core of greenery - in the stems and petioles.In melons and watermelons are the most dangerous part - it's the crust and the adjacent portion of the pulp.Cucumbers, courgettes, potatoes stockpile nitrates in the skin, so it is best to clean off.Sweet peppers and squash lay nitrates in the upper part of the pulp adjacent to the stalk.

If vegetables seem suspicious to you, and you want just in case, to reduce the amount of nitrates, try to soak them in cold water.nitric acid salts are highly soluble and soaking for an hour every vegetable products lose 20-30% of nitrates.True, I have to put up with the fact that getting rid of nitrates, vegetables and partially lose their useful components - minerals and water soluble vitamins.

The same thing happens when cooking.Boiled potatoes, for example, is exempt from the nitrates by 40%, carrot and beet - by 70%.And, nitrates - unstable substances spontaneously and almost completely destroyed during storage.In vegetables, preserved until spring, nitrates are virtually absent.

And one more thing.You should not eat unripe and improbably early vegetables and fruits - the likelihood of excess nitrates in them is particularly large.But in a well-matured fruit of the concentration of nitrates, as a rule, well below the maximum allowable.

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