12 August

Your home first aid kit

Home first aid kit is available in every home.This kit is designed for use of medicines and bandages is a medical institution.Home first aid kit should be universal and simple.In its composition, as a rule, consists of: - analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs

- sedatives

- expectorants

- heart means

- antiseptics

- Hemostatic agents

- dressings (bandages, cotton wool,cotton-gauze pads, adhesive tape, medical tourniquet)

- medical thermometer.

People suffering from chronic diseases, must always have a set of drugs, prescription by the attending physician.Patients with hypertension, it is desirable to have in the home medicine cabinet tonometer (pressure measuring device).

During home storage drugs in the home medicine cabinet may change and deteriorate.This is due to the expiration of the pharmacological actions of factors influence the natural (sunlight, heat, moisture, etc.).

Thus in some cases, medication simply lose their activity, and in others - are poisonous due to th

e interaction of their constituent ingredients.

is therefore very important circumstance Pet first aid kit becomes observance of the established rules governing the storage of medicines and timeliness of their validity.

All medicines bought in pharmacies, have the label.On it except the name and the number of drugs in the package and is specified expiration date.You should not be reserved for future use drugs in large quantities.

If the drug expiration date is not specified, it should not be stored at home for more than three years.Therefore, periodically review your home medicine cabinet and get rid of drugs to the past period of storage.

In liners to drugs written, and you need to store something or other means under any circumstances.It is necessary to strictly observe the conditions of storage, to medicinal products not soured.If this insert is not, ask the pharmacy, in what conditions, at what temperature should be kept bought the drug.

not ostavlyate to mean drugs, especially if the house has malenkie children!And, of course, home first aid kit should be in the reach of children!

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