12 August

bowel castor oil Cleansing

castor oil Colon Cleansing convenient because it is easily carried out at home and is more comfortable than enemas and lavage.

Because malnutrition graphics, harmful food, not the best environmental conditions and stress our intestines often gives failure.A variety of disorders, constipation or diarrhea, a large number of gas - all these unpleasant phenomena prevent to live an active life.To organize the work of the gastrointestinal system and quickly bring the body in order, requires bowel cleansing, and one of the best means for this procedure - castor oil .

What is bowel cleansing?

entire human digestive system consists not only of the stomach and pancreas, but also about three meters intestine.Inside the intestine is covered by so-called "cilia" that can be compared with the fleece - only these villi are important function, processing food and taking away all the nutrients in the body.

Now imagine how much harmful substances may accumulate at the site of a lifetime!Over time, between the "cil

ia" intestine accumulates a number of stool, toxic waste and residues of undigested food, they can lead to severe intoxication.Throwing in the intestines produce toxins and poisonous substances, they cause bloating, bad breath, flatulence, and that is even more dangerous - a bad influence on the health of neighboring organs.

In addition, due to feces in the human body can accumulate from 3 to 7 kg of excess weight , who "wear" for themselves as very unpleasant.

as pure using castor oil?

One of the simplest and most common way - is to drink oil at the rate of one gram of the substance per kilogram of body weight.Drink oil should be on an empty stomach after 5-6 hours after eating.Also, do not eat after taking castor oil - fasting should last at least 12 hours.Drinking water is also recommended limit.

best option - for two or three days to go to the light cleaning fruits and vegetables, a diet without fat, spicy and salty, there are plenty of cereals and dairy products.Overall, this diet you can stick to and after treatment.

oil before use should be heated in a water bath.Eat it should be warm, but not hot.Drink is best gulps, and then drink the juice of two lemons.It often happens that after taking the oil comes nausea - this is a normal reaction to an amount of fatty substances.To overcome the discomfort it is recommended to chew raisins.

and a half or two hours your stomach starts to faint, so it is best to carry out the procedure, when you are at home and have enough time left.Usually such purgation takes less than 6 hours.

Now pharmacies also appeared in castor oil pills - their appointment must be recommended a doctor, but, on the other hand, this procedure is more gentle to the body.

effect and the frequency of application

This purgation at home can help you lose 2-3 kilos in just a day and excrete a lot of toxins and harmful substances.Besides reading of intestinal castor oil is much more efficient than washing and enemas - water can wash all the amount of viscous stool bowel as castor easily cope with them.

During treatment with toxic substances is also shown a lot of water, so you should take into account that part of the weight loss associated with dehydration.

At the end of the next few days the procedure is recommended to pay special attention to the restoration of the water balance.

castor oil is a very effective method of treatment, but the combination of lemon juice and castor oil several injures stomach, so to conduct such cleaning is not recommended more often than once every three weeks or once a month.


Cleansing castor oil bowel contraindicated in pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.Do not use castor oil with obstruction of the stomach or in the presence of abdominal pain of unknown.

It should also be noted that along with the feces, toxins from the body while cleaning the washed potassium.This means that people with heart disease and cardiovascular system, this method should be used very carefully and with a doctor's permission, since potassium is responsible for the condition of the heart muscle.

Through detoxification castor oil can not only effectively to bring a lot of toxic substances, but also lose a few extra kilos.However, you must bear in mind the possible negative consequences, and follow the instructions.

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