12 August

Mobile health applications .Top 7

Mobile health applications - it is a personal trainer, nutritionist, cardiologist and rigorous controller of a healthy lifestyle in your smartphone.Each year, a variety of applications grows, updated and improved the old program.Let us review the most popular among them.

1. Pedometer

This is the polar application that demonstrates the level of daily physical activity.In modern versions of the app does not require inclusion - from the moment of loading the mobile pedometer starts to work.He counts, wherever they are gadget - in a pocket, bag or hold it in your hand.

Counters applications take into account the speed, time, movement, overcome mileage, calories burned.The resulting data is analyzed per day program that verdict - Whether you enough today were moving or there, something to strive for.The app keeps statistics.

His sports achievements can be shared with friends - most applications allow discharge report in the social networks.

For joggers there are separate applications.The most popular

is to recognize Nike Running , of course, under the logo of the famous brand sports goods.The application takes into account the type and kind of run.You can pre-set distance or limited distance while jogging.The program is suitable for monitoring and evaluation of running in the streets and in the gym (on the treadmill).The application

your playlist that you can completely renovate their favorite songs.

Nike Running - it's also a community of racing fans, a kind of social network where there is an opportunity to showcase their own records.It awakens the spirit of competition, which does not allow to relax.

2. Waterbalance

Our life is impossible without water, and normal health - without sufficient drinking water per day.And all have long known about the daily need of 1.5 - 2 liters of plain water, but with self-organization is still tight.This is emphasized and the number of application downloads Waterbalance .

Waterbalance Mobile application keeps track of water parameters in the body, taking into account the weight, height, age and the degree of stress.It tells you when you need to replenish the water balance and be sure to praise for the performance of mobile recommendations.

3. Calendar menstrual cycles

Example application calendar of menstrual cycles - LoveCycles .Calendaring is necessary for the control of female health.Smart program, maintaining the previously entered data, will make the cycle forecast for the coming months, will automatically calculate fertility period with high accuracy.If you previously were "female" calendar in writing or any other electronic format, data from previous months can be transferred to LoveCycles application in its entirety.This is a very personal application, so the entrance is protected by a password.

calendar of menstrual cycles in the smartphone will go to downloading the application "I'm pregnant" exactly according to plan.

4. Lifesum

mobile application Lifesum - a favorite of those who want to lose weight.They are both women and men.This is not just a calorie counter, but also an electronic guide on the way to the ideal figure and a healthy lifestyle.

Introducing its current parameters and indicators that the user wishes to acquire, Lifesum forecast period to an end.Fixing eaten per day - an elementary process.In Lifesum database you can find any product with a detailed description of the composition and calorific value.The program also automatically stores that often included in a daily diet.The app is able to take into account the indicators of physical activity and interact with many other sports-related applications.

how effectively the user spent the day, the app will report at the end of the day - a rating and include new data in the overall schedule for the demonstration of progress.

application Lifesum Library contains norms and principles of many popular diets.If necessary, you can create a personalized diet program.

5. Alcotest

simple but sometimes very necessary application that not only say "yes, you are drunk", but also will predict the time of sobering up (alcohol withdrawal).For car owners - the undisputed assistant.Calculation is performed based on Data - gender, age, height, weight, type and amount of alcohol drinking.

Some applications allow further alkotestory-select the country where you are right now, to show on the screen not only the percentage of alcohol in your body, but also an indicator standards for drivers.Such visibility degree of intoxication is really able to keep the error at the wheel.

6. Diary blood pressure

Blood Pressure Diary - home medical card for people suffering from hypertension and hypotension.Maintaining performance of pressure schedule that automatically builds a program based on the daily data, particularly important during the course of treatment or prevention.Possessing information from the diary of blood pressure, you will ensure maximum efficiency of the campaign to the doctor.

7. Health on iPhone

Multi Health application for the operating system iSO 8 has already gained a huge number of fans of a healthy lifestyle.Firstly, it is a full medical card, which can be made known to all health data.For example, allergic reactions, medications, blood sugar, cholesterol.Second, the application collects all the relevant data from other iPhone apps - FitStar Personal Trainer, Zova, 7 Minute Workout (program of fitness training), Calorie Counter & amp;Diet Tracker, Human (calorie counters and activity), MotionX 24/7 (sleep monitoring), and others. This will create a nuanced picture of your health in a single application.

Reasons for smartphone users have downloaded the first time health applications are different.Someone gave a tribute to fashion, someone was just curious.Now, however, all agree on one opinion - mobile applications have changed their attitude to their own health, it is literally forced to go on the right and the power to love fitness regime.

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