12 August

How to make a shot himself

Prick himself without the appropriate training to do is difficult enough, but the task is quite possible to cope by following a certain order and safety regulations.

Often during the course of the disease it is necessary to pass intramuscular or subcutaneous injection, while it is not necessary to rely on outside help.So willy-nilly will have to learn to make a shot himself.This procedure is quite unpleasant, and perform first injection can be scary, but it can and will learn and get used to for the sake of health.

How to stay and where to prick?

most important during the injection - to take a comfortable position.It is important that the muscles into which the needle is introduced, were not tense, and you have been provided with easy access to the site of the injection.

course, intramuscular injection can be performed in any muscle, but still buttocks and thighs are suitable for this purpose better.Stand in front of a mirror and try how comfortable you will be a shot in the upper outer part o

f the buttocks.Make sure that during the injection leg was not the support - it should be relaxed.

standing If you make an injection is inconvenient, try to stay on the couch, sofa or even on the floor.It is important that the surface chosen for the procedure places was hard (not soft mattress, sofa cushion, etc.), then you prokontroliruete exactly where the needle went in.

You can also make a shot in the thigh, although there find the desired station complex.The needle must not enter or nerve damage to the vessel.Therefore, carefully inspect the front part of the leg in the area of ​​the palm above the knee - finding a site without mesh vessels inject.Thus it is better to stay sitting on a hard surface - so the leg will not be strained.

Passing rate of intramuscular injections, it is recommended to alternate the injection site (left / right buttock).

Subcutaneous injection considered to be more complex.Place for injection, which are selected specialists - the outer side of the hand between the elbow and shoulder (closer to the shoulder).But for self-injection, this place is very inconvenient, so separate subcutaneous injection is better to implement in the stomach.Place the belly - two or three centimeters from the navel (in any direction).The chosen place fingers shape skin fold (lift and tighten the skin).

Always make sure that you capture only the skin, not the muscle.Founded fold perpendicular to the body.Incoming needle should form an angle of 30 / 40⁰.

How to prepare for an injection?

Prepare and place within reach of cotton balls soaked in alcohol, syringe and vial volume required with the drug.

Open the vial, cut or break its tip, a syringe and a drug type, trying to keep with the needle did not get air.

finished set of medication, make sure that the needle is not formed in an air pocket - it vyplesnite little medication, clicking on the autoinjector.

Place disinfect the injection site with the help of prepared wool moistened with alcohol.

That's it - now you can chop.

How to prick?

most difficult to conduct an independent injection - is to overcome the instinct of self-preservation and puncture the skin.At this time it is better not to think or what to look at themselves as if from outside - then the movement will become clear, if mechanical.

Take your choice earlier position, make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed the injection site.

Take the syringe into your working hand and insert the needle for three-quarters of the selected location.

case where the needle will go down completely, nothing bad will happen - injection can be continued.

Keeping the syringe in a fixed state, press the plunger.To do this, hold the syringe with the left hand.

Slowly and gently push the medicine, take your time and make sure that the syringe has been fixed and the needle did not sleep.The injection should be done slowly because after the fast input medication bump is formed under the skin.

should be prepared to make cotton wool and sharply pull the syringe After entering the drug to the site of the injection.At this time, also need to make sure that the needle did not sleep and did not change the angle of the wound.To cure quickly "sold out", the injection site can be a little massage.

Remember that the injection can be carried out only with clean hands, and avoid, to the wound on a syringe needle or wool fell into the mud or dust.It is best to inject alone, so no one can distract you or mislead.Do not skimp on the cost of a syringe: syringes are more expensive than imported Russian, but the diameter of the needle is much thinner, and therefore will be easier to make an injection, to avoid unpleasant pain.

Over time, you will be able to make shots quickly and almost painlessly.This skill will be an invaluable experience for life: it insure you in case you need first aid themselves and others.

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