12 August

Bitterness in the mouth : Causes, Treatment

constantly harassing bitter taste in the mouth often a symptom development or exacerbation of chronic diseases.Causes of bad taste different, but united in one thing - it is an occasion to focus on their health and seek medical complex.

bitterness in the mouth: the main reasons for installing

preliminary cause of the bitterness in the mouth, take into account associated with the emergence of unpleasant sensations facts:

1) the occurrence of feeling of bitterness in the morning - a symptom of diseases of the liver, gall bladder;

2) any meal ends with the appearance of bitterness in the mouth - a symptom of gastric and duodenal ulcers, as well as a signal of possible pathology of the liver;

3) persistent feelings of bitterness, regardless of the time and way of life - alarm about the development of cancer gastrointestinal diseases, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, endocrine and psychological disorders;

4) feeling of bitterness in the mouth appears in moments of sports - one of the symptoms of live

r disease, which can complement the feeling of heaviness in the right side;

5) short-term sense of bitterness is able to occur when strong stress;

6) bitterness arises after taking certain medicines or greasy, smoked foods, which have a direct impact on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

Diseases of the digestive system and the bitterness in the mouth

digestive diseases - the main reason for the feeling of bitterness.As it is a symptom of "a bitter taste in the mouth" is associated with the disease?Explain complex physiological processes in simple language.

When violation furnace and biliary tract arises negative phenomenon - bile stasis.Volume accumulated in bile or bile vessels directly into the gall bladder.After reaching the maximum number, bile released into the body, like getting into the esophagus and into the oral cavity.

inflammation of the gall bladder and the accompanying bitter taste in the mouth - indicators cholecystitis .At an exacerbation of the disease and the person suffers from symptoms such as vomiting bile, and dry mouth.There are problems and dyspepsia (yellowish coating on the tongue, constipation, diarrhea, metal taste in the mouth).

Liver disease often associated with a yellowish color of the skin and frequent pain in her area.However, the early stage of the disease caused by liver congestion can arise without obvious disease symptoms.Because it is so important to immediately draw attention to the first "bell".

Violation of intestinal peristalsis also signals the emergence of bitterness in the mouth.The problem arises in the case if the diet is replete with smoked, fried, spicy (salt and pepper) dishes.This product set of the body to process and difficult - especially at night.Receiving heavy meals before bedtime provoke serious digestive problems.

". All authorities must rest at night, slowing its functioning, which makes the digestive system, including the bitterness in the mouth shows that by late dinners must be abandoned."

bitterness in the mouth: other reasons

Antihistamines (antifungals, anti-allergy medication) and antibiotics, as well as various herbs (such as St. John's wort) and oils can have a serious effect on the liver.As a result - heartburn and bitterness in the mouth.

Chronic stress , prolonged depression is often accompanied by a feeling of bitterness in the mouth.Compounding the situation of regular smoking.

dysgeusia - a disease characterized by impaired sense of taste.Suffering from dysgeusia, one feels a bitter taste.

Hyperthyroidism - a disease which is associated with the problem of increased hormonal activity of the thyroid gland and, as a result, disruption of the bile ducts and the formation of a bitter taste in the mouth.

Feeling unpleasant bitter taste may arise from poisoning organism copper, mercury vapor, lead and other heavy metals.

Pregnancy. In later pregnancy, the occurrence of bitterness in the mouth caused by the growth of the fetus, a constant pressure on the stomach and gallbladder.

bitterness in the mouth and treatment

Fact bitterness occurrence in the mouth is already talking about the need for a serious medical examination.It is worth visiting the offices of the gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and a neurologist.

undeniable benefits will revise the diet.Prior to establishing the exact cause of the bitter taste, it is recommended to stick to diet, excluding smoked, pickled, fried foods, reducing to a minimum number of the use of salt and hot pepper.

Ridding the body of toxins healthier liver and, if not eliminate, that significantly reduce feelings of bitterness.The safest way to recognize pure plain water in the volume of 2-2.5 liters per day, decoction of wild rose, mint, currants or cranberries.

discreet relationship emergence of bitterness in the mouth with the occurrence of stressful situations, resort to a natural sedative - tincture of Leonurus, valerian or peony.

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