12 August

Vitamin calendar for children

Vitamin calendar for children is easy enough to make with seasonal fruits and vegetables, the main thing - to know where to look for the right ingredients.

Autumn diet

Vitamin D , or vitamin of the sun, is produced in the body mainly when exposed to sunlight, so in the last warm days of autumn do not forget to often hatch on nature.From this vitamin it depends on the condition of bones and teeth, normal development of the musculoskeletal system.Vitamin D can receive from food and - fish oil, butter, herring (40 g), certain types of fish.

From vitamin K affects how blood and collapses as soon as the wounds heal.If vitamin K is sufficient, then the child will not go to bleed from the nose and occasional bruising.Get vitamin K from various kinds of cabbage (kohlrabi, red color), which are relevant in the autumn, as well as brown rice (200 g), chicken, cheese, seaweed, spinach, oatmeal.

Folic acid formally is not a vitamin, but is also involved in important processes in the body.It stimula

tes blood circulation, is responsible for the genetic material.With its adequacy will never anemia.Get this useful acid of tomatoes, black bread, spinach or cabbage (250 g).

Winter meal

Niacin , or vitamin B3 , important for the functioning of the heart and nerve health.In addition, it allows you to take from the food consumed as much energy and is important for the elimination of toxins from the body.Get niacin can of chicken fillets and herring fillets (150 g), wheat germ and mushrooms (300 g).

Pantothenic acid helps to overcome the effects of colds and many other diseases, removes toxins at the cellular level, allows you to sleep well and to eat with gusto.Pantothenic acid is obtained from the mass of healthy dishes - boiled eggs, peas and lentils, chicken liver and mushrooms, mushrooms (200 g), as well as broccoli.

winter also very important vitamins A and C - they allow the child to be more resistant to infection and do not get sick.

Spring vitamins

Thiamine (vitamin B1) responsible for normal carbohydrate metabolism and the nervous system.Thanks to B1 decreases fatigue, mood stabilizing.Search this vitamin should be in the green peas (daily rate - 400 g), seeds (60 grams) of lean pork (200 g), hazelnuts (130 g), and black bread.

Vitamin B6 stimulates thought processes, ensures the normal circulation of the blood, is responsible for the restful sleep and attention.It can be found in beef, especially the liver (200 g as a daily dose, which will depend on the child's body weight), soy (160 g), lean pork (50 g).

Vitamin B12 strengthens the immune system, reduces irritability, gives energy.Was prepared from the cottage cheese (320 g per day), the flesh of salmon and other fish (80 g), porcine pulp (60 g).

Biotin (vitamin H) provides hair and nail health, normal sweating, male sexual function.You can find it in black and gray bread and other products made of wheat flour, lentils (up to 300 g per day), boiled eggs (2 pieces), zucchini (300 g).

Summer abundance

Retinol (vitamin A) need for protection from the summer sun ultraviolet radiation emitted, and to improve the eyesight, skin, hair and mucous membranes.Especially important is the Retinol in the teeth growth period.To obtain the necessary dose of vitamin A, carrot to eat (at least 100 grams per day), soy (100 g), spinach (200 g), apricots and peppers (about 100-150 g).

Vitamin C , probably the most famous of all vitamins, is responsible for a strong immune system and the body's ability to resist all kinds of harmful environmental influences.It prevents anemia and a beneficial effect on blood condition.Most are good sources of vitamin C - Fresh cabbage (150 g), kiwi, oranges, black currant, and even potatoes and bell peppers (portion 300 g).

Vitamin E called vitamin of youth, but it also needs children.It promotes rapid healing of wounds, cuts, burns.It is also useful for all patients with diabetes.Summer Vitamin E can be obtained from radish and radish (250 g), avocado, fennel (200 g) and nuts (almonds).

Vitamin B2 is very important for children, since it is responsible for growth, energy and the normal development of many organs and systems.Important this vitamin is also for the state of the eyes and skin.Get his child can curd (150 g low-fat product), black bread, fish and milk (one glass per day).

Each season is rich in its own set of vitamins that a child can receive from delicious, fresh and still inexpensive vegetables and fruit in season.Make sure that your baby can receive the proper, healthy and balanced diet.

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