12 August

Phase-change material : the use and application of

Every day people are faced with a variety of diseases, which may be the result of health problems and the various complications of the internal organs.To avoid this, it is necessary to take timely and appropriate action to resort to treatment.

Among the variety of currently existing drugs so easy to get lost, so many prefer to treat people's methods, one of which is the use of phase-change material, to prove their effectiveness for many years.

Modern phase-change material are substantially different from those used decades ago.Let's look at what is necessary phase-change material, and how they should be used at home.

What is the phase-change material

phase-change material is a fairly easy to use parted, which will be useful in every home.It is a versatile heat source for heating that does not need power or other auxiliary heating devices.

The principle of phase-change material is quite simple, so it can cope with each.Due to its versatility and mobility of phase-change material can be an excellent

tool for warmth in field conditions and on the road.

phase-change material - a container filled with brine, which is, in fact, is a source of heat.

The principle of phase-change material

To the solution began to heat up, simply bend the starter, inside the container and in the form of small sticks.In some models, hot-water bottles instead of the starter inside the tank there is a button on which you have to press to heat up hot water bottles.

Thereafter, the process of crystallization of the solution begins, and during which heat is released.Saline passes from a liquid to a solid, and the heater heats up to 50 degrees Celsius in just a few seconds.

before using it, in order to avoid burns, it is recommended to wrap a towel warmer or scarf.Conventional phase-change material holds heat for 3-4 hours and can take the shape of the body, depending on whether, to what place it is attached.

Species salt warmers

Due to the popularity and effectiveness of salt warmers, has several variations, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages. Classical phase-change material has the form of a bag, which can be of different sizes, depending on the destination warmer.

Another fairly popular form of phase-change material - it warmer "collarĀ» , which allows you to warm up the cervical spine, relieve pain and tension from the muscles of the neck area.

When assistance lumbar heaters eliminate back pain and lower back.In the cold season, as well as in certain diseases, to be very useful for the phase-change material feet.They are made in the form of insoles and placed in the shoes, the sole great warming and keeping warm for a long time.

In cosmetology popular phase-change material, made in the form of masks for face.They work on the same principle as conventional heaters, however, are non-standard form, so perfectly superimposed on the face and heated it in the right places, allowing the cosmetics you applied to the skin, it is better to enter into it, and quickly assimilated.

Applications salt warmers

One of the most common applications, phase-change material - it ENT diseases.If you are concerned about a runny nose or cough, you simply take a course of treatment using the phase-change material, applying it to the nose or throat every day until complete recovery.It effectively cope with such a complex disease such as sinusitis and very good for the ear diseases.

Sometimes the phase-change material is used as a means for heating and joints injuries.In some cases, these heaters are recommended for the treatment of degenerative disc disease, rheumatism and cramps.

In cold weather, phase-change material can be put in the stroller with the child, as it is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

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