14 August

gums Home Treatment

Gum Treatment in home does not require any extraordinary expenses or any special medical skills.And that means - is available to virtually any.

Oral health includes two indicators - the state of the teeth, which take care of professional dentists, and health of the gums, which, if desired, can take care of yourself.

"Often it is the gums and tooth decay is not, deliver the most trouble and hassle. In some diseases it is the poor condition of the gums causing tooth decay, damage to their roots and enamel."

When treatment is necessary?

gum disease occur, usually due to infection .Stop can be fighting pathogenic bacteria cause inflammation that is the cause of the disease rather than its consequence.The causes of gum disease can be and below listed reasons.

poor oral hygiene .If you brush your teeth less often necessary, plaque can occur, which eventually turn into tartar, which will cause bleeding gums.

Weak immunity .Lack of vitamin C and other vitamins and some elements lead to inflammat

ion and bleeding.

The drying of the gums and leads to their diseases.It may result from the excessive use of the products or agents which reduce salivation.

Hormonal swings .Their negative impact on the health of the gums is especially common in pregnant women.

add a list of causes of gum disease are diabetes, bad heredity, smoking effects, and more.

Usually symptoms of gum disease are:

  • redness and itching;
  • bleeding gums;
  • swelling;
  • odor from the mouth, strange taste in the mouth in the morning.

gingival involvement occurs when gingivitis, periodontitis (occurs in advanced gingivitis) and periodontal disease.Like many other diseases, they are easier to prevent than to treat the gums after tooth loss.

medication for the treatment and prevention of gum disease

Most of the funds, which will help get rid of the problems with the gums, can be found in the pharmacy.

To rinse the mouth fit: furatsilin, miramistin, hlorofillipta solution Malawi.

can use special ointment: solkoseril (five per cent), metrogil dent plus Asepta.

tablet formulation: glikozamid, lincomycin.

In case of problems with immunity, it is also recommended to use a multivitamin complexes.

determine the order of a competent medical treatment of gums - dental problem. Do not ignore the problem of gum disease - contact someone for help!

Recipes of traditional medicine for patients with gingival gum

Treatment folk remedies are not less effective than an appeal to the recommendations of the official medicine.Popular rinse herbal decoctions .To do this, use the following herbs:

1. Chamomile (.. 2 tbsp dry mixture zaparivat cup of boiling water).

2. Calendula (1 ch. L. Glass of water).

3. Sage (broth - 2 tablespoons 300 ml -.. Used three times a day after meals).

4. Yarrow (1 ch. L. Inflorescences per cup, boil, to rinse twice a day).

5. The herb St. John's wort (to prepare the broth will need 2 tablespoons chopped dried grass;.. It should be steamed 2 cups of boiling water, let stand and cool for 30 minutes, and then rinse your mouth after every meal several times a day).

held Rinse with warm, but not hot, not only broths after a meal, but also in the morning and in the evening (at night, after the teeth have been cleaned).Fresh teas should be prepared every day, to use the old, brewed more than a day ago, is not recommended - they lose most of the vitamins.

also considered an effective treatment for gum propolis .Propolis is sold in the pharmacy or in specialized shops and fairs of honey.He chewed a few times a day.Propolis can be seen as a part of many medicinal ointments, pastes and tooth.

secret of the effectiveness of any funds in the regularity of its application, and therefore the health of the gums can be done, do not forget to rinse your mouth daily medicinal decoction and use the designated dental preparations.

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