12 August

Asit - allergy therapy

Asit therapy of allergy - a new salvation for those who have to constantly contact with the allergen.Allergen-specific immunotherapy is a unique way to rid the body of allergic diseases.Medical exposure is not to eliminate allergy symptoms, and allergic process itself.

As a result of successfully passed treatment, eliminates the need to receive antihistamines - contact with the allergen is no longer in danger.

Indications and conditions for Asit therapy

1. Inability to cease contact with the allergen.For example, cases of allergies to household dust, insects (a reaction to the bites) or pollen during flowering season.

2. Cause Allergies - Allergies - precisely identified.

3. The cause of allergic reactions are one to three allergens (and no more!).

4. Have the patient's allergic rhinitis and rhinoconjunctivitis.

5. Asthma mild to moderate form.

feature of ASIT therapy

As can be seen from the evidence for Asit therapy, refer to this method of getting rid of allergies is necessary only in e

xtreme cases.If an allergic reaction is unstable, Asit therapy is not carried out.

main condition for starting ASIT therapy is the accurate determination of the allergen.The essence of this method of treatment of allergic disease - force the body to develop immunity, sustained resistance to the allergen .

patient dosed medication, which is based on water-salt extracts and modified immunogenic allergen.The first dose is minimal, then it is gradually increased.In the course of treatment the body gradually gets used to the causative agent of allergy, and on completion of treatment - finally cease to react to it.

Attention! sure to remain under medical supervision for an hour after the injection and accurately follow your expert recommendations.

Duration of the course Asit individual therapy; and, above all, it depends on the nature of the allergen.The minimum duration of treatment - three months.Some medical institutions allocate such species Asit therapy as pre-season, preseason, seasonal and perennial.

necessary to responsibly Asit procedure.You can not interrupt the course of treatment, shoot down its terms.

"long treatment of allergic diseases by Asit therapy is fully justified, because in its end can no longer be spent on medicines against allergy symptoms."


Asit therapy is a fairly wide range of contraindications, as you may know by Hoodoo prior consultationand examination by a specialist.The following are just the most common factors prohibiting this method of treatment.

1. Bronchial asthma in severe form.

2. Cases of anaphylaxis to subcutaneous injection, which took place earlier.

3. Chronic diseases in acute form.

4. Patient age less than 5 years.

5. Pregnancy.However, if the course has already been started and suddenly learn about pregnancy, Asit therapy is not canceled.

6. Psychological disorders severe.

7. Active development of cancerous tumors.

Stopping therapy may by decision doctor if:

1) there is a risk of transformation of rhinitis in asthma;

2) injections cause aggravation of allergic symptoms;

3) revealed reaction to new allergens.

"If your allergy is permanent, should be screened for the possibility of ASIT. The earlier treatment without launching an allergic disease, the better the effect it will have."

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