12 August

The work after the holidays : how to overcome depression

work after vacation or how to overcome depression - common problems of our everyday life.Decision will be recognition of the problem and the choice of a proven method of healing.

In medicine, depression is treated very seriously.Depression is called nothing other than as a psychological disorder.It is faced with depression about 30% of the population who came to work after the holiday.It is estimated that the annual vacation from work is essential for the maintenance of health and human performance.However, quickly drawn into work after a fabulous sea tour or bliss in a cottage hammock is extremely difficult.

to memories of holidays will not get lost on the first working day, give practical tips to combat postotpuknoy depression.

How does depression after holiday

postootpusknoy The most obvious sign of depression is thought about changing jobs, although more recently (to leave) she is quite happy with you.

Also, depression is manifested in the following states:

• overcomes constant fat


• headaches;

• ordinary business seem unbearable;

• disturbed sleep;

• lose their appetite;

• disappears meaning previously important things;

• feeling of apathy, sadness;

• irritability.


postotpusknoy depression Researchers have noticed an interesting fact: the longer, brighter and more saturated took a vacation, then the more difficult to return to a familiar reality.If the holiday was really full, then the person must experience a burst of energy, increasing tone and vitality."Blockage" However, on the first working day we usually expect.But yesterday it was all so good: no worries and problems, different atmosphere and ambiance, idleness and a completely different mode.Contrast adds the change of climate and time zone.

Everyone knows that after the holidays have to cope not only with regular daily activities, but also to rake those that have accumulated during your absence.Here and there is a reason to "grab the head," have to literally force yourself to actively and work productively to quickly solve a lot of problems and expectations of employees.Explain your colleagues decadent mood is extremely difficult, because they somehow worked, while you rest.

Moreover, in practice, such a situation is fraught with not only fatigue, but also increased the number of lapses as a result of haste.Hence the disappointment, frustration, depression.Because it is so difficult to quickly enter into a working rhythm after the holidays.

How to overcome depression after holiday

postotpusknoy To avoid depression, psychologists advise to properly organize your vacation:

1. Period of rest shall not be less than two weeks, and more preferably three to first adapt to the release (maximum pull awayfrom thinking about work), then immediately relax and adapt again, but from a moral preparation for work.

2. Radically switch from work to rest: if possible, not to solve operational issues and not to communicate with employees, especially with the boss.

3. Plan your holidays in favor of exclusively their own desires.Planned trip to the lake on the barbecue, go at!Do not succumb to the entreaties to go native weed beds to the detriment of their interests.You formed my plans for the holidays, and follow them.Be able to say a firm "no", without discomfort and guilt, otherwise your holiday would not be complete.

only what is common between work and holiday - is the need for planning.Depression can often arise from a sense of lost time.Sometimes vacation is over and we are left with sad regret that they could not implement the free time effectively.

So, you could relax and wonderful to come - come to work.How to build your first working day in order to avoid a nervous breakdown and a smooth transition from the joyful idleness to hard work?

• Do not rush immediately to the operating maelstrom, not worth much strain.

• Plan 50% of the tasks from your usual load.

• Take the time to communicate with pleasant for you people, share with them experiences and memories of a vacation, show them your photos.Give them brought Souvenir.This will soften the sharp emotional decline.

• Try to keep away from prying colleagues.

• Give yourself a little time for favorite affairs (walking, shopping, computer game, a cup of coffee).

• Do not notify all the fact of his return to work.Perhaps it is to some extent protect you against unforeseen loads and solutions unpleasant questions.So you can win the necessary time for adaptation.

• Focus on global issues.You should not be sprayed on the decision of the minor problems that can be dealt with later.

• If you do not believe that the decision taken is correct, set it aside for later.

• Do not criticize yourself for the fact that now it is difficult to do everything, to remember something, promptly provide answers.Your self-esteem will definitely come back to the previous level, let alone take a while.

These recommendations will help easier to return to a normal rhythm of work and soften all the unpleasant symptoms postotpusknoy syndrome.

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