12 August

Low hemoglobin : how to make up for deficiency of iron in the body

If you often get sick and have a cold, and in general - feel weak, quickly get tired, you get cold hands and feet, nails, exfoliate, and hair - fall, perhaps, the cause of all this is a low hemoglobin deficiency in iron, an essential trace elementwhich is part of hemoglobin and helps transport oxygen to all its cells.

To increase low hemoglobin and "keep" it is normal, you need to get out of the food 1.5 mg of iron per day.But it turns out, his body absorbs less than 10%.Therefore, the iron required to eat ten times more.So from where we take this valuable trace element?

Nutritionists, to prevent the negative consequences caused by low hemoglobin, made his rating foods with a high content of iron .The list of products recommended for low hemoglobin should be read carefully and remember.Central to it it took meat offal: liver, kidneys, tongue.Then comes buckwheat, beans, peas, chocolate, white mushrooms, blueberries.In these products the largest amount of iron - more than 4 mg per 100 g of product.In

order to increase hemoglobin often include these healthy foods in your diet.From 2 to 4 mg of iron include beef, mutton, horse meat, rabbit meat, eggs, oatmeal, millet, apples, pears, persimmons, quinces, figs, dogwood, spinach, nuts.

recommended for low hemoglobin and consumption of foods containing moderate amounts (1-1,9 mg) of iron.This pork, chicken, sausages boiled, sausages, cheese, sardines, mackerel, horse mackerel, herring, fish, eggs, bread made from white flour, pearl barley, barley, semolina, rice, potatoes, green onions, radishes, beets, sorrel,watermelon, melon, plum, pomegranate, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, black currant.But these products are also useful to include in the diet with low hemoglobin.

little iron (0.4-0.9 mg) in fish, honey, eggplant, green peas, pumpkin, plum, peach, lemon, grapes, apricots, cherries, gooseberries, cranberries.And even less - 0.1-0.3 mg iron, can be obtained from milk, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, oranges and tangerines.Increase hemoglobin using these products you will not succeed.

But little low hemoglobin include in the diet foods rich in iron.It is important to know that foods rich in calcium, dramatically reduce the absorption of iron.Therefore, in order to increase hemoglobin in the body at least at the time it is better to abandon the milk and milk products.If this is not possible, eat iron - and calcium-containing products at different times.

Assimilation iron also reduce tea and coffee, with a low hemoglobin they should not drink during and after meals.But Vitamin C - your ally, in order to increase the hemoglobin in the blood drink orange or tomato juice, add food fresh lemon juice, cabbage pickle, peppers, onions and herbs.

Wheat and other grains bind iron in the gut and prevent its assimilation, that is, low hemoglobin, the meat is better to eat without bread, pasta and cereals, as well as a side dish to choose potatoes, green peas, cabbage, beans and other vegetables.

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