Vitamins .The effectiveness of vitamin preparations

At first glance, the richer the composition of vitamin preparations -Themes better.However, this is not quite true.Sometimes useful monopreparations.And how to determine moleznost of a vitamin preparation?The effectiveness of single agent is simple: it consists of 1-2 substances, the main component of only one, and the other helps him to learn.For example, in such a "helper" calcium supplementation is usually the vitamin D, necessary for calcium assimilation in the body.The second term single agent success - the absence of a part of the components that interfere with "work" base material.

Indeed, negative interactions between substances can not be discounted.Science known that vitamins and minerals can be oxidized to each other during storage, compete for uptake in the gastro-intestinal tract.For example, vitamin C, vitamin B12 transforms into useless to the body joint.And while taking calcium and iron absorption of iron is reduced by 45%.In monotherapy similar situations are excluded.

monotherapy effective to eliminate the lack of a single substance.And what to do when the deficit is not even necessary to prevent vitamin?After all, our bodies are 13 vitamins and 9 minerals needed daily.Take each individually - too uncomfortable.Select a vitamin-mineral complex with a full line-up?But how to avoid negative interactions?

manufacturers of vitamin and mineral complexes in different ways solve this problem.Some use a so-called microencapsulation technique, placing each component in a particular shell.It helps to avoid interactions during storage or only.But in the gastrointestinal tract, all substances are simultaneously and competition is inevitable.In addition, when receiving complexes increases the risk of allergic reactions.For example, vitamin B12 strengthens the negative reaction of the body to vitamin B1.Unfortunately, today's technology can not cope with the problem of allergic reactions.

There is another way - mnogotabletochnye vitamin-mineral complexes.The daily dose of nutrients which is divided into several tablets which must be taken during the day.Each tablet contains only compatible components.Therefore, they are effectively absorbed.Antagonists are located in different tablet and as a result do not interfere with each other.It is also important that mnogotabletochnye hypoallergenic complexes as substances that could provoke allergies while receiving, enter the body at different times.

So what set you choose?The unequivocal answer is no.If the priorities of comfort, it is more convenient to take a traditional odnotabletochny drug sacrificing efficiency.Of course, in the absence of allergy.If in the first place a full and hypoallergenic vitamin prophylaxis - a three-time intake of vitamins and minerals preferred (this method is implemented in the vitamin-mineral complex alphabet).Choosing an effective vitamin prophylaxis - for you!

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