12 August

How to drink without getting drunk ?

drink without getting drunk - Is this possible reaction of the body to the consumption of alcohol?Yes, if you properly prepare for the holiday feast and choose the right model of eating at the table.

"Drink and get drunk -. Useful skill, not only in order to pass for a pleasant companion at the table, but also to reduce the toxic effects of excessive amounts of alcohol"

Tips and tricks

1. Long (at least 5 hours to catch a bite to eatand sober up) before the expected feast start the process for the production of enzymes, fleeing from alcohol intoxication of the body, drinking 50-100 grams of vodka or drink according to your preferences.The same process is started by receiving Eleutherococcus tincture (20 g).

2. Before going out, drink a cup of strong mint tea, you can with lemon - the recommendation is effective, if you prefer a low-alcohol drinks.

3. Do not drink on an empty stomach - even if you do not have time for a snack, send in your stomach that something bold and enveloping.So it is possib

le to slow down the process of absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream of toxins.

4. eve (1 tablet per kg of body weight) and time (2-3 tablets every hour) feasts take activated carbon - it will adsorb (absorb) the excess ethanol.

5. Drink and get drunk as long as you can get, giving up cocktails in favor of mono-drinks.

6. During the party, be faithful to one drink.If you can not - move upward degrees, rather than vice versa (when the wine is allowed to switch to vodka, and the transition from vodka to wine is fraught with unpleasant for you and others consequences).

7. Do not mix different structure drinks - can not drink vodka, champagne or lemonade - carbon dioxide bubbles only accelerate the process of intoxication.

8. Liberally a snack - preference given to fat and hot dishes.This advice does not answer the question of how not to get drunk, but rather corresponds to a different formulation - as long as stay sober, reducing the rate of alcohol intoxication.

9. Do not sit the whole evening is static at the table - move, but in moderation - such as dance.Physical activity contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes.Accordingly accelerates the decomposition and excretion of alcohol toxins.

10. Avoid temperature extremes.The notion that you're going out in the cold sober, wrongly.This only exacerbates the situation.

11. Adhere to individual preferences in the selection of alcoholic beverages (give preference to those who have the least impact is on you).This skill comes with experience.

12. Try not to "savor" the alcohol in the mouth for a long time - he quickly gets into the blood through the blood vessel walls of the oral cavity.A straw in the glass has the same effect.

13. Stick to your "tempo" of the absorption liquor, not accelerating it.Ceased to feel the taste of the drink - it's time to take a break.

14. Do not attempt to prove to others their "superstability" habits.Such bluster often produces the opposite effect.

15. Observe the etiquette - do not drink a mouthful, stealing, or more often than the rest of the company at the table, eating slowly, enjoying the taste of each dish, do not lose a sense of proportion - precisely evaluate the possibility of his body.

16. Always remember that intoxication can "cover" you unawares.Recall examples of your good and bad actions, based on which the mark for himself in advance a maximum dose of alcohol (and what it is) and do not exceed it.

Recipes "envelop" and "sobering" compositions

Cream Cheese

Butter (100 g), a glass of sour cream, grated cheese (≈40 g), salt, pepper, finely chopped bunch of parsley,juice of 2 lemons and mix with bread to eat - 2-3 sandwich.

If you troublesome to cook this mixture, the same enveloping properties have the following products and dishes: raw egg, porridge (semolina) porridge, vegetable oil (tbsp..), A cup of fat broth, lard.

envelops the food is taken before the feast.It slows down the rate of alcohol absorption, and hence the intoxication.But it should not be relied upon.The validity of this method is short, so always be aware of hot snacks during such a difficult event for the body.

sobering cocktail

in glass, greased with vegetable oil, add egg yolk, tomato sauce (1 to 2 hours. L.), A pinch of the mixture of the two peppers (red and black), a pair or two drops of vodka and juicelemon.The ingredients are mixed and have a drink in one sitting.

Another option - cognac (tsp..), Raw egg yolk, tomato paste (2 tbsp..), Vegetable oil (tsp..), Salt-spice (red and black pepper) plus half a teaspoon of acute(soaked in vinegar) horseradish.

addition to these drinks will help to overcome the slight intoxication cup of strong tea with mint (lemon) or coffee.

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