Candidiasis : Symptoms , causes of , treatment and prevention

Candidiasis - very widespread among people of a disease caused by fungi are microscopic.more than 100 thousand species of fungi, there are on earth.More than 500 of them - are dangerous to humans and cause diseases of various organs and systems.

most often found among pathogens yeast fungi genus Candida.The genus Candida includes more than 100 species, and they all settle on the skin and in the human gut.

In Russia, fungal skin lesions occur in every fifth inhabitant.The main danger is a fungal infection that affected areas are the entrance gate to a hazardous pathogens.

Causes candidiasis

And infected with fungus can be anywhere, even in a handshake, not to mention the overall shoe.However, everywhere, but not always.Strong immunity resists fungal infection, but weak - misfires, therefore, children and the elderly are more susceptible to infection.

Treatment of candidiasis

How to get rid of mold?Currently, there is a large selection of treatments for fungus.Only it is necessary to bear in mind

that nail fungus, foot fungus, fungi affecting the oral cavity or fungi, settled in the lungs - it's different kinds of fungus, and accordingly, and the treatment of them - different.However, in all cases, long-term and serious, requiring patience and self-discipline.

So, as they say, the disease is easier to prevent than to treat long and dreary.

candidiasis prevention methods:

There are a number of fairly simple preventive measures that will help you protect yourself from this scourge.

  • Never use someone else's slippers, do not wipe other people's towels and do not sleep in a strange bed linen.Wise to bring all of their own, than to expose themselves to risk.
  • Do not put in the bathtub porous pad feet, the bathroom is warm and damp, and poorly washed mats and fungi live there very comfortably.
  • If you like to swim in the pool or visit the sports (gyms) rooms, then observe hygiene, periodically use local antifungal agents - sprays, ointments, powders, etc., which you can find at the drugstore..
  • Pick up the correct shoes, it should be in size, do not rub the foot, that there was no open wounds on the skin.Shoes should also be of high quality, foot in it should "breathe."Try not to be a long time in rubber shoes.
  • occasionally disinfect footwear 25% formalin solution, or special solutions or sprays, which are sold in pharmacies and shoe stores.To do this, wipe the soles of shoes and an inner surface, then place in a plastic bag, tie tightly sealed and let stand for 3-4 hours.After that, you need to ventilate the shoes to complete disappearance of the smell.

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