12 August

How to keep your teeth healthy

beautiful smile, beautiful teeth - it brightens and makes any woman younger.But saliva decreases with age, and this may lead to loss of elasticity of the tissue of the gums and increase the number of carious lesions.There is a tendency to the development of periodontal disease (gums), whereby the teeth may begin to wander, to change its shape due to uneven wear.But we can not allow such changes!

First of all, do not lightly to daily tooth brushing.Do not forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day - morning (after breakfast) and evening (before bedtime).If you have a tendency to the formation of dental caries, use toothpaste with calcium and fluorine, and if periodontal disease - the pasta with the anti-inflammatory effect of plant extracts.

In the case of both problems at once, it is recommended to alternate the use of pastes, one used in the morning, the other - in the evening.But for calcium and fluorine penetrated into the tooth enamel, they need to be cleaned at least 5 minutes!During the day

, you need to take care of the health of teeth, using fposs (dental floss) and mouthwash

And yet, to keep the youth of the teeth, can not do without professional help.Therefore, every six months is necessary to visit the dentist for the purpose of prevention and treatment of the problems I have appeared.

sure sign of youth - white teeth.Perfect smile, as practice shows, is able to "rejuvenate" a woman of 10 years!But your teeth are darkened.Typically, darkening enamel primarily facing fans strong tea, coffee, and, of course, nicotine.

But perhaps hold the teeth whitening.So-called "whitening" toothpaste and other methods that operate on the principle of abrasion, can only remove surface stains.To whiten teeth, it is necessary to apply oxidants, they must penetrate the enamel and enter into a reaction with dyes.

With such a task today can handle only bleaching methods used in dentistry.There are two ways to whiten teeth - professional tooth whitening in the clinic and home whitening teeth using aligners (clear plastic overlays on the teeth, which are used as whitening gel tabs).

Taking care of teeth with age, becoming increasingly important, so take the time, and your teeth remain healthy and beautiful for a long time.

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