12 August

Diagnostics for skin tone

not only affects the tan color of our skin.Skin tone depends on many factors, for example, on how close to the surface are the blood vessels, on the characteristics of the nervous system, the age, malnutrition and so forth.

But skin discoloration may be a harbinger of the body of various diseases.Therefore, if you notice that your skin has got some proof, unusual for you to tinge, be sure to refer to the TVG and pass inspection.

On skin tone can even tell what diseases you should be wary.

If your skin has turned yellow

In this case, you should pay attention to the liver.Yellow skin color appears because of the pigment bilirubin, which is produced in the liver when there is destruction of the red blood cell hemoglobin.Then bilirubin is not eliminated from the body and accumulates in the tissues, so the skin becomes yellow or orange tint becomes.The causes of jaundice may be cholelithiasis, hepatitis, poor performance of the pancreas, spleen, and blood diseases.

If your skin has become dark

In this case, you should pay attention to the adrenal glands and kidneys.Swarthy complexion, similar to sunburn, can occur with a deficiency of adrenal hormones.This disease is also called bronze.Treatment should be held by an endocrinologist.

And if the skin is very much darkened and acquired a nearly black color, it is a sign of kidney disease or bladder infection.The survey is necessary to pass a urologist.

If your skin turned white

reason for this may be a digestive or metabolic disorder in the blood changes or problems with the thyroid gland, diseases of the cardiovascular system or lungs.

One of the most common causes of paleness - anemia, ie, lack of hemoglobin.Showing white skin and swelling characteristics of the nervous system or the reaction to the cold, fear, pain.

If your skin has acquired a cyanotic shade

This is very dangerous, and suggests a lack of oxygen in the blood, which may be due to problems with the cardiovascular and respiratory system.Diagnoses can be very different - pneumothorax, emphysema, heart disease or thromboembolism.

you, without delay, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist to check your heart.

If your skin is flushed

In this case you should take a blood test, pay attention to the cardiovascular system, to measure the temperature.Redness of the skin may be caused by inhalation or ingestion of harmful substances or potent.

If the skin had a gray tinge

earthy-gray skin tone usually happens in people with digestive problems such as gastritis, frequent constipation.Even just the wrong food can set aside a mark on the skin.Greyish tinge to the skin in smokers and in people exposed to frequent stress.In this case, constricts blood vessels and capillaries, and oxygen supply of the skin is reduced.

If your skin has a greenish tint

Such skin tone can give problems with the gall bladder, liver or cancer.And, as in the case of blue color, green tint is dangerous and requires immediate treatment to the doctor.

green tint appears in patients with cirrhosis of the liver, in the case of complications of gallstone disease and cancer.

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