We can help the brain

with age, which is particularly noticeable at the end of the day, more pronounced fatigue.But if you begin to notice that you have frequent headaches, or you can not focus in the middle of the day, gets tired easily and become forgetful, it is necessary to draw attention to themselves.And in many cases you can do to help yourself!

Our brain consists of hundreds of millions of nerve cells.Even if you lead an ideal life, neuronal death caused by brain aging can not be avoided.And what to speak of illness, stress, bad ecology ?!All this can not but affect the brain and only getting worse with age.But we can help our brain work well.

Scientists have identified a number of basic causes of the violation of brain activity:

• abuse of cigarettes, alcohol, strong coffee and tea (which is abuse!)

• chronic sleep deprivation

• depression and fatigue

• lack of vitamins, minerals and water

• long-term use of sleeping pills and tranquilizers

• informational pressure

• operation under general anesthesia

• head injury.

As you can see, something to change and improve quite within your power.Just do not leave it in the closet and get to work right now.Our councils, for example, drink less coffee, you are unlikely to need.Similarly useless to persuade you to quit smoking, if you do not come to the need to do so.

But try to resist the avalanche of information could and should be!Scientists say that the main reason for the deterioration of brain function in those who are over thirty - information overload.Here are a few tricks that will help to keep the brain in shape.

- from time to time, slowly, blindly follow the usual steps: take a shower, walk around the apartment, talking on the phone, etc.

- If you are right handed, you write every day at least a few lines with his left hand.

- Less than watching TV more crossword puzzles and read fiction.

And yet our brain can and must feed alone is worth to do it right.Lack of vitamin F in the body can lead to depression and distraction, and you can make up for it by eating more than spinach, herbs, cabbage.

Vitamin E significantly reduces the risk to get Alzheimer's disease over the years, which is a major cause of age-related dementia.However, this vitamin is present in all nuts, leafy vegetables, egg yolks.And to get a daily dose of vitamin E enough 2.5 tablespoons sunflower seeds or 2.5 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

daily dose of vitamin E contained in 0.5 kg of turkey fillet, or 1 kg of mackerel, or 60 grams of almonds, or 90 grams of mustard oil, or 80 g of wheat germ.

Vitamin B6 increases the efficiency of intelligent processes.Contained it in bananas, potatoes, oatmeal, tuna, chicken.Daily allowance can be obtained from 200 g of beef or 50 g of oat flakes and bran.

well known that lack of iron leads to anemia, in which the blood supply to the brain essentially suffers focus deteriorates.The daily rate of iron - 20 mg.Iron is found in meat, legumes, buckwheat, liver, bread, apples, pomegranates.

Calcium is needed by the body - it is no one in doubt.But recently, scientists have found that this element is able to win even depression.Daily calcium rate - 1.0-1.5 g Contained it in dairy products, dried fruits, cabbage, "broccoli", almonds, sardines.

Magnesium sometimes referred to as anti-stress metal.Its deficiency in an organism provokes insomnia and headache due to which there is depletion of the cerebral cortex.The daily rate of magnesium - 300-400 mg.It is found in boiled potatoes, cabbage "broccoli", melted cheese, cocoa beans, milk, bananas, honey, almonds, fish, beans, peas, nuts, cereals, vegetables, and seafood.

Lack chromium in the body makes us more anxious and anxiety provoking.The daily rate of chromium ranging from 50 to 200 mcg.In large quantities, chromium found in corn, rye bread, black tea, meat dishes and boiled potatoes (always in uniform).

Polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 regulate cholesterol levels in the blood and thus reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

daily dose of these important compounds contained in 30 g of mackerel, or 30 g of sardines in their own juice, or 70 grams of salmon, or 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.By the way, the vegetable oil is more useful than further north grown oilseed crop.

you can use and recipes of traditional medicine .

Dissolve 5 g of the mummy in 150 ml of aloe juice.Drink 1 teaspoon before breakfast and at night for 10 days.Take 20-30 drops of propolis tincture before meals for 2 weeks.Alternate courses of treatment with these drugs.

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