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The bile in the stomach : causes, symptoms, treatment

Bile by itself is not something harmful or foreign.This liquid medium is an organic body and is involved in digestion, helping to break down the food.However, when it goes beyond the gall bladder and into the stomach, the acid contained in the liquid cause a negative response.It appears burning, pain and spasms, significantly deteriorating health.

"bile in the stomach - is a sign of diet or abnormalities in the digestive system, a signal of the presence of chronic diseases."

The dangerous ingress of bile in the stomach? Bile acid, which normally is used to cleave the crude compound and facilitate the work of the body, the body itself begins to corrode.Casting of bile into the stomach fraught burn its walls, and in the worst case - they are corrosive.Such an effect could give the unreacted hydrochloric acid and bile, which, mingling in the stomach, pose a real danger of gastritis or reflux, the erosion of the stomach wall.

How does?

How to determine that the bile in the stomach?Symptoms are as follo


1. Cutting and drawing pains in the stomach, sometimes wandering, or without precise localization.

2. The feeling of heaviness in the abdomen near the navel to the right.

3. heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth.

4. Nausea, retching.

5. Excessive thirst.

6. The yellow plaque on the tongue.

Why happening?

bile in the stomach can occur even in a healthy person. conditions for the manifestation of the following abnormalities:

1. Regular eating disorders, big breaks between meals.

2. Malnutrition - the combination of a rigid, heavy foods with large amounts of liquid.

3. Sports and other physical activities, received immediately after a meal.Particularly negative are sharp turns, tilts the body, jogging, brisk walking.

4. Sleep after a meal, especially sleep on your left side.

5. Use stale, spoiled food.

6. Smoking and drinking alcohol.

Why bile accumulates in the stomach? reasons for rejection are in violation of physiological processes.Exposure (shaking, twisting and other loads) provokes overexertion of muscles, which normally are responsible for maintaining the tone of the stomach.Follow spasm relaxation opens the inlet valve and into the body gets bile.

Contact bile into the stomach becomes chronic in certain kinds of gastrointestinal diseases or systematic violations of the regime. constantly observed symptoms of bile emissions have the following reasons:

1. The development of gastritis duodenal ulcers.

2. Constant regular eating disorders.

3. Consequences ectomy gallbladder.

4. Erosive gastritis.

5. Diseases of the endocrine system.

6. Consequences of viral hepatitis.

7. Poisoning.

What to do and how to be treated?

If ejection of bile into the stomach occurred due to violation of the regime and an isolated phenomenon, help short-term measures - various home treatments.

1. Drink small sips of half a liter of warm boiled water - it will help wash out the stomach, removing the acid.

2. Insert menu dairy products, jelly, oatmeal - that is, everything that contributes to enveloping the stomach lining.

3. Fasting morning drink a glass of warm water - it will help clear the stomach, especially if the day before you went to bed shortly after dinner.

Take Smecta on a package of three times a day.After 2-3 days, all the consequences of the release of bile must pass.

Another tactic is to elect, if the phenomenon is systematic, persistent malaise occur, the cause of which is the bile in the stomach.Treatment in this case begins with the transition to a strict diet with a fractional power.excluded from the menu fatty, fried, spicy food, a variety of sauces and condiments, alcohol, soda, sugary drinks.

After diagnosis and consultation with a doctor to prescribe medication and antispasmodics-drugs for the treatment of diseases that provoke bile emissions.

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