16 August

First aid for toothache

has long been observed that night worried sick tooth stronger.Pain can be acute, episodic gnawing, deprived of sleep and rest man.It is not always possible to determine the aching tooth.

Aching often occurs when the aching tooth is destroyed so that the bottom of the cavity close to its pulp.If such a bad tooth is not treated, the destructive process continues and may develop acute inflammation - pulpit.Pain becomes paroxysmal in nature, it is tearing, shooting, gives ear, temple, eye, head.

Later inflammation can spread to the root of the tooth.The pain becomes constant, increases with pressure.The tooth becomes mobile and the surrounding soft tissues become inflamed.

Severe pain may occur in the evening and after the cavity in the tooth doctor put arsenic.

What can you advise to home remedies to get rid of the pain occurred at night, it's not always possible to go to the hospital?

Recipes of traditional medicine for toothache

• If the pain is aching, it is likely, tooth cavity packed with food

residues.So try for pain relief vigorously rinse your mouth with water at room temperature.

• somewhat more difficult to calm the pain in the sealed tooth or a crown.The only thing you can do - is to take something soothing (that you will find in the home medicine cabinet).

• If the tooth cavity ,null, open mouth rinse, then soak a small cotton ball anesthetic drops "Dent" and put into the tooth cavity.This procedure will remove the sharp pain, or at least make it bearable.

• Pain and remove rinse herbal (decoction of the roots of nettle, sage).The procedure is repeated 5-6 times.

• A piece of lard put on a sore point between the cheek and gum for 15-20 minutes - the pain subsides.

• If the home will not dental drops, you can use for the purpose of analgesia infusion of valerian, camphor alcohol, propolis.But if this is not at hand, then at least a 5% alcoholic solution of iodine be found in every home.Before you invest tipped the ball into the cavity of the tooth, do not forget to overcome it, so as not to cause a burn gums.

• For temporary anesthesia of the tooth can be placed in the cavity of a cotton ball soaked in garlic or onion juice.You can rub the grated garlic inside of your wrist, then finely chop a few cloves of garlic and firmly bandage to the wrist in the field of heart.Under the garlic put a cloth to avoid burns.The tighter bandage "medicine", the more effective the treatment will be.Garlic poultice is applied on the arm opposite the side, where the aching tooth.

• In acute pain, you can fill the cavity of the tooth with a mixture of garlic, crushed to a pulp with honey or vegetable oil.

• Even if you managed to remove or blunt the sharp pain, do not delay visit to the doctor.Only he can find the cause and carry out the necessary treatment.

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