Climatotherapy .

Climatotherapy - one of the most enjoyable methods of treatment of diseases!Most often we take climatotherapy as a regular holiday, forgetting that to heal from the disease can not just medication.Climate can also treat! What is climate? Climate - is a long-term weather conditions in a particular area.He has on the human body a powerful impact (through the skin, respiratory tract, organs of sense), which is able to bring healing ... or aggravate the disease.

Climatic factors are reduced to four complexes :

- aerogidrotermichesky - the effect of temperature and humidity

- fotoaktinichesky - exposure to sunlight

- airborne chemical - the impact of atmospheric gases

- air-electric - Earth's magnetic field action.

to visit on holiday (at any time of the year) to bring the maximum benefit, help to improve your health, not hurt, it is very important to choose the correct location of the resort.

coastal climate is characterized by a high content of ozone in the air, and sea salt.It ha

s a toning, firming and tempering effect.But this is not all the features of the sea coasts.They come here to treat respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, functional nervous system diseases, metabolic disorders, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure.

forest-steppe climate , due to the moderate humidity and a lack of extreme temperatures is considered gentle and soft, resorts of this area are shown in chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

steppe climate - very warm and dry.It is recommended for patients with chronic bronchitis and pleurisy, pulmonary tuberculosis.Contraindications in the defeat of the cardiovascular system with evidence of circulatory disorders.

semi-desert climate significantly improve the condition in some diseases of the kidneys.

mountain climate is good for the respiratory and circulatory systems

it stimulates the metabolism and circulation.Breathing becomes deeper, increases red blood cells in the blood, improves sleep, metabolic disorders disappear.

Mountain climate is favorable for people with asthma, some forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, anemia, residual effects of bronchitis, chronic pneumonia.The body in the mountains gets a great quenching.

Forest climate middle band - a real panacea for people with hypertension and coronary heart disease, lung disease, weakened immune systems, problems with the nervous system.Essential needles "disinfect" oil airways, improve blood circulation, improve metabolism.However, allergies are not suitable forest area with a predominance of conifers.

• Healing charm lowlands (especially Lakeshire) appreciated by those who live under constant stress.Flat landscape will shape shattered nerves.Climatotherapy combination with physical activity, sport games, walking strengthens the therapeutic effect.

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